Should people have the freedom of public religion?

Asked by: noahkgfx
  • The United States were built on freedom of religion so I don't see why its such a large problem nowadays.

    Our nation was built on freedom of religion so if people don't like it then don't come to the US. I don't know what countries you guys live in but religion should be a human right. No matter what you are, Atheist, Muslim, Christian, etc, you are entitled to what you believe in.

  • The bible supports all freedom

    The bible supports all freedom, while I do think it is evil and wicked to not believe in the all-mighty God, They (unbelievers) to have a right to believe whatever they want. Not to mention the first amendment (freedom of religion, and to practice that religion publicly) . . .

  • Need to elaborate more...

    When you use the term "Public Religion" it puts to mind a government mandated/sponsored religion. If that is what you intended by making this: My answer is no. I am also against special privilege of religion. If a Christian group wants to put a Nativity Scene up on government property, that's fine, but then the government must also allow people of other religious minorities to include their own religious displays. In all frankness, it's better for a government to stay neutral.

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