Should people have the right to be homeless? Because i don't think so but my friend said they can.

Asked by: whomewhoyou
  • Forced Housing Contracts Unconstitutional

    If people choose not to take on a mortgage or a rental agreement, that is their business. No where in the Constitution does is state that all residents of the USA must enter into any sort of housing contract.

    That said, squatting on private property is illegal and owners are protected by a plethora of laws.

  • Yes, if you have a good reason.

    If you are wanting to give to others and decide that you don't need a house to survive, then you should be able to do that. I don't see why you would want to live in a box, but be my guest.
    Also, if you wanted to spend your money on, say college instead of a house, then you should be able to. Nowhere does it say that you absolutely need to have a house built by one of those big-shot companies.
    I'm not saying that it's a good idea to be homeless. It's not, because it's not very safe.

  • Who is anyone ...

    To tell someone else what to do. In a country that claims to love freedom, there isn't a whole bunch of people who will just leave others alone and let them enjoy being them.

    You have to keep up with the Joneses. Conform. You have to be a Christian. You have to go to college. You have marry someone and, have children.

    If you want to be homeless, you should be able to. Why you would want to, is beyond me. But, It is America. You are supposed to be free to do whatever you want.

  • People should not have right to be homeless.

    Being homeless does not improve the world
    and it is just lazy to be that way.A person who
    becomes homeless will have to rely on the gov
    to help them get food and other important things
    and therefor it will be the hard working people who
    will have to take care of them.

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GoOrDin says2014-11-13T02:35:43.567
How can anyone say it should be illegal to be homeless? That is just against freedom in every way. That is literally saying it are not allowed to be free.
GoOrDin says2014-11-13T02:38:58.617
A politician and rich bureaucrat earning 100 000 dollar wages are fed at the expense of everyone else's labor with 0 contribution also. They are thieves. As a homeless man, I can still eat as much grass as I do on a regular basis. It cleans your teeth more effectively than toothpaste and it is nourishing enough to make a cow horse, giraffe, kangaroo, bear and other animals form more muscle mass in 1 year than you will in a lifetime. Being homeless does not put strain on our system, the people who care enough to think about ti simple don't have the resources to help the situation. The resources are there.