• Yes

    I believe if someone wishes to die, let them. Yes, it sounds horrid, but if the said person truly can not be happy with their life, let them perish. There should definitely be an attempt to make their life better before giving them the right to just end their life. Many have a family and loved ones that care about them, and that would be unfair to just let them die without trying to help them solve their issues.

  • They should have that right.

    Yes, people should have the right to die. If an individual feels that their quality of life is not up to their standards and they are of a sound mind, then they should be able to make that decision for themselves. It is not up to anyone else to make that decision for them.

  • Yes, people should have the right to die

    We have control over so many aspects of our lives - where we live, our employment, mates, families, etc., it does not seem practical that someone should not have the right to end their life. Based on their faith, they will have to reconcile their actions with their God, but that should be their choice, not anyone else's.

  • It's the ultimate freedom

    Other commentators have made extremely valid arguments, so I can add little more. I want to die this minute and have done at various points in life. This time, it won't be overcome and I exist each day in the hope (the only hope I have), that this will be my last. It is family/friends who keep me here, existing only for them, not for myself. This might seem like martyrdom - it's not, I am just afraid of the hurt it cause them. This is the only fear I ave...I've no fear of death whatsoever.

    Posted by: Pjc
  • If they want help, they'll ask for it

    Everyone has a right to die as well as the right to live - life is a right, not an obligation. Therefore, you can't force someone to keep on living - you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. If it is something they really want to do, it isn't your life and you shouldn't interfere.

  • Yes i think so... Because

    People arent consulted about their openion to livew then why should be denied to the rights to die. Personal choice and liberty must be looked its their life let them handel the way they want to. If they cant make a better living its upto them if they want to go on or stop. Some people maybe weak or are unhappy with the life they life if they are stopped from taking their lives they might die or go into depression forever. They would be filled with negativity and their life would become a living hell.

  • Yes it IS up to us to make the decision to end it.

    I mean, we already control so much in this life as humans, we might as well control that. A wise man once said life and death are a seamless continuum. We're all going to die anyway and you have the ability to speed up the process. It's your decision, but you have to remember that you're going to be leaving possibly many things should you choose death.

  • Yes choice is good

    Quality of life needs to be a factor in the right to die. People who have loved ones that have made their wishes known as a DNR and then the family takes it away at the last minute should be prosecuted. There is a reason why people have a DNR they should respect their wishes.

  • Yes, terminaly ill people should have the right to die!

    People that are terminaly ill should always have the right to die. Anyone that says difrently isnt terminaly ill. Also the people can end up leaveing behind thousands of dollars worth of debt that could have been prevented if the person terminated there life earlyer. Say the terminally ill is a 35 year old man that has 5 kids. Due to his condition he is no longer able to work. So every day that this man lives he is adding more and more debt for his remaining family to pay off over the long term. A real man would not want to put that type of burden on his family. No one would!Thats my opinion on the right to die

  • They can ask for help

    If they want help they should be given it what kind of a population is an unhappy one. The government always say, we will do the best we can to help you improve your lives for the better, but they don't do anything. They might as-well give us this. Because they are here to help us even help us die!

  • Only Naturallly

    No, people should not have the right to die. Life is a gift and it is not up to us to make the decision to end it. Life must be allowed to end naturally, regardless of the reason. If a person becomes terminally ill, there are pain medications that can be given to ease their suffering until they pass.

  • No, Some Who Wish to Die Must Be Saved

    Assuming someone is in his right mind, he or she should
    have the right to die. The problem is that many people that kill
    themselves are not in their right mind. They believe they are making a
    rational choice, but in fact they are acting out of despair. The great
    writer Hemingway died a suicide, and deprived the world of his genius.
    So did the brilliant painter Mark Rothko. Let those in horrible pain pass
    on, but do not allow those with lives yet to live depart
    too soon, no matter how sure of their choice they may be.

  • No people will be dying left, right and center.

    If we let this happen people with depression disorder will be signing up for it like that. It isn't good for people and what if people are blackmailed into it. It won't be preventing death it will helping it! It is practically murder and shouldn't be allowed and if the government want to protect us, they won't let it happen.

  • It could get out of control.

    The next of kin could have a family member that doesn't wish to die, but the next of kin goes ahead and okays the doctor to pull the plug on life support, just so the next of kin can get the inheritance and gain the company or other benefits. It is morally wrong and makes murder legal.

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