Should people have to be 18 to purchase lottery tickets?

Asked by: vitenbr1
  • 18 is a self responsible age

    18 year olds are at an age where they can make and understand the decisions that they make for themselves. Gambling is tough concept to master, more importantly quitting is a tough concept to master. Many adults buy tickets on occasion and with the mind of supporting state projects. Under 18 don't understand the true economics of buying lottery tickets.

  • People aged 18 should be allowed to buy lottery tickets.

    People aged 18 and up are already considered as an adult, so why stop them from buying a ticket to try and win millions of dollars if they are already adults as it is? Like I said before, people aged 18 are already considered adults and should be able to do those things.

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  • Yes YEs YES

    This is still considered a form of gambling. Young people would not be able to make the right decision, At a young age, you can not exactly call children wise, even if they are geniuses. If you lowered the lottery age or go trid of it, then kids would make bad decisions,

  • Yes, it is gambling.

    It might be arbitrary after all, but we do make the age of 18 the cut off for many kinds of activities. Therefore, we should not allow those who are considered minors to gamble as an adult would. It gets to be addictive for some and this is too young to start the process.

  • Should people be 18 to buy lottery tickets

    Why do people have to be 18 to buy lottery tickets i don't get it but people these days wont them so bad that they are making fake ides so they can buy them and why not end the trouble and lower the age to 15 so people stop making fake ides.

  • It is not fair to minors

    The lottery is just a game and it should be open to everybody. Gambling has no health effects, Just financial depending on how much you spend on it. It should be up to the individual regardless of age whether they want to take that risk. Just because you’re not of a certain age does not mean you can’t be responsible with your money. If you lose your money from purchasing too many scratchers and losing, That’s your own fault. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It’s that minors should taught to think twice before making these decisions. If you win, There is no reason that you should need an adult to claim the money for you. That adult can be dishonest and say that you win a certain amount of money when in reality you won more than that.

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  • Kids are the future—literally

    Kids are the future of America, indeed they are. Now putting age limits on stuff, and then teaching them about it makes them want to try it. Then they have to wait almost a decade to actually be allowed. Then they've heard so much about it that they will jump at the chance to do it, then they can get addicted easily. If they do it while they are young, while someone is there to help them with it, they will break the habit and not do it again.

  • To Hell With The Age Limit

    Like i get the age limit for gambling, but doing a scratcher is nothing wrong. If the age limit was lowered, people younger then 21 could start building up alot of responsibility so they know what the adult life is like instead of screwing up like adults right now with their money right now

  • Gambling should be ok

    I agree that there should be an age limit for: buying alcohol, tobacco, and things of that sort. But, it is wrong to have to be 18 to buy a couple scratchers. What harm can be done from a 15 year old buying a scratcher or powerball quick pick. If the 18 year age requirement is lowered to 14, then responsibility would be taught at an earlier age and thus make a more responsible, respectful society.

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