Should people have to do at least 1 year of community service before they graduate high school?

  • We should have community hours

    In my opinion i think that the whole world should be helping out. When I think of community service I think of elderly's, the sick, and the poor I want the best for people we should be treated just the same. I always want to be nice to people. I love different kinds of activities to help out.

  • Empathy ,Care, Donate

    People should participate in community service before graduating high school because we have to learn to care about people, to donate, ad to develop empathy. Many people and kids need money to cure themselves and to pay their hospital space. To have a better world I mean as to cooperate with my time and be a reflection to others in need, and even to the world. To develop empathy I mean as to care about people in need. We also have to develop personal skills. To help in communication. Many people in need don't know how to talk or the ones who cant talk, don't know how to use their hands as sign language. Please not only use your mind, we also have to use our heart and help the ones in need! I understand that 99.9% of you don't have a heart to help not only the people in need, but our planet Earth. We have to keep it clean. There is too many graffiti out there on our walls and trash that we step on. The animals need help, too. The homeless animals that had been kicked out and bad treated by their owners. The owners who has no heart to go back and get the animal back home. The owners who don't even care about our world. And the lazy haters who wont stand up and participate in the community service. I am part of community center and I am proud of it. I help homeless, I donate for cancer, and every time I see trash on the ground... I pick it up and find a trash can. I guess i'm the only one who does it... Aint I?

  • Yes,people should have a term of community service before graduating high school.

    People should be required to have a certain amount of community service before graduating high school.This would teach them that they have a certain stake in their community and that people may not only lead a different life than them but they might also need help at certain times of their life.

  • It might reduce some of that irritating sense of entitlement.

    Teenagers have become extremely entitled- they believe they are the center of the universe and that no one's welfare matters but their own. Having required community service would not only be educational, broaden their horizons, and benefit all, but would give these kids a much-needed attitude adjustment. We send so many of these kids out into the real world thinking everyone should cater to them, and they fail due to the shock of a world that expects them to pull their weight.

  • People should not be forced to do community service before they finish high school.

    Not only because they dont want to but because they dont have the time to. On top of schoolwork people have to focus on other things like studying, work, looking for jobs, and family and friends. Honestly why would we want to help others when we're too busy trying to help ourselves?

  • Lack of interest:

    Bhagvad gita says that even if you are doing a small thing, to it with dedication. Without interest how can we be dedicated? What's the whole point of charity if it done like automata? It is better that we do nothing instead of acting as though forced upon by someone.

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