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  • Yes definitely should be mandatory!

    Firstly, There are too many dogs that are mistreated and abused in the wrong hands of people. Secondly, We have the people that realize they can't afford a dog or don't have time to give to it and that poor animal is left on the street or given to shelters and we all know how full shelters are these days so they are put to rest, Never having a chance at a good life with a loving family. Thirdly, You have the people who use dogs as a money grab and breed them neglectfully causing behaviour issues in the dog. License the owner as you would for a drivers licence. Mandatory training and licence renewal by mandatory vet checks that it is being properly taken care of.

  • Licensed and Trained

    Like getting your drivers license - you should have to take a short class on animal behavior and health. The license shouldn't cheap but at least be affordable but there should be a mandatory vet visit every year for up to 5 years of its life to make sure the animal is being treated properly. Now for anyone who says they are not willing to go through the effort just so they can own a dog well then that just proves that you wouldn't have the time or love that is required for an animal.

  • Yes they should.

    First and foremost due to buy a dog you should be a very responsive person cause u have to deal with all the dog's needs. Also, some people buy a dog, they grow it up and then they decide they don't want it anymore so they leave it in the srreet and the poor dog became a stray and thats a pitty for ever little innocent dog or any pet

  • Yes they should

    Yes people should be required to have licenses to own dogs. Not everyone is suited in order to have an animal so getting licenses would ensure that they are able to properly take care of animals and can provide them with a good life. Some people neglect their animals and shouldnt have them.

  • Yes, I do.

    People should have to register a license to own a dog, but it should not cost the people very much money. Who is and is not able to have a dog should come down to if they owner can take care of it, give it a good home, and be generally a good person towards that animal.

  • No its not fair!!!!!!

    Have you seen those poor animals on your doorstep waiting for someone to take them home,to look after them just because you need a license to own a pet.Also when you have a license you need to be safe/careful,trustworthy,Follow the rules and answer all the consequences that come.Altogether this is a very big agreement/commitment . So think of all animals who are sometimes taken to the pound not treated very well.So put yourself in their shoes and think how they are being treated and if you want to be treated like that.Hi my name is Natalie and this is my team,we are here to talk about why we shouldn’t have a license to own a pet.

  • No. J-just no. Y r ppl rarted

    This is an important issue that is often discussed is that people don’t need to have a licence to own a dog. This is unfair to the owner for several reasons. It is also unfair to the pet for several reasons.

    Reason one is it can cost up to $1,000 to get the license, says debate.Org. Money is a thing people need to get food and other stuff. Money is used for taxes and health, which is important for survival. Money is something we don’t get enough of, we don’t need to waste it on getting a license so we can own a pet. Taxes can cost up to $273.

    Another reason is the licence is a waste of time to get. Time is a valuable resource that shouldn't be wasted. The time someone wastes while getting a license to own a dog they could have went to the store and bought groceries. While you wasted time getting the license you could have used that time to pick up your new best friend from the shelter.

    The final reason is people with little to no money take in strays. For example someone who is broke and is taking care of stray dog doesn’t have the time or money to get a $1,000+ license. There are many homeless people with stray dogs that they keep as pets, and often the strays get their own food. The stray often gets taken to the pound and the owner spends a lot of money getting them out of the pound.

    Pets are family and they have feelings too, you shouldn’t have to pay to keep them. You wouldn’t like to pay to have to keep your mom and/or dad. You shouldn’t need a license to own a pet. Pets are not an item, they are family that you love and care for. This is why we shouldn’t need a license to own a pet. I think that people should hold a petition against having to have a license to own a pet.

  • No! No no!

    Licenses cost money which some people don't have! You need to get a proper job that pays you well enough plus most people have other problem with their house like for instance, we are trying to pay enough money for a new deck and fence around our pool. Plus that will not stop criminals from stealing pets because they are criminals and they break the law anyway.

  • Almost... But not Quite

    Okay, everyone's going to hate me for this, but you'd need to fit a lot of conditions to own these dogs, and most of you probably wouldn't get to own a dog. I believe you should be required a (Free or low cost) check up by a vet to make sure they have eaten right, and been kept out of the cold, and have no major injuries or anything else left untreated. (Also, what about other animals?) I am completely against people hurting and not giving enough care to their animals, but to be honest, would you get the license?
    -Proper job, to afford food and medicine
    -The ability to take them out for walks twice a day, every day
    -and clean any messes
    -No children, they could hurt the poor dog/cat/etc.!

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