Should people have to pass drug tests to get government assistance?

  • Yes, I think so, but there should be exceptions.

    I think we should have drug testing, but I think we should compromise for any people whose test comes out positive, and have the government aid because they have children. If you're taking away the aid, you're taking away from the children, and just increasing the number of kids in foster homes.

  • For sure

    I used to work in a gas station in a not so good neighborhood where i would commonly see people with food stamps buying candy and energy drink. One couple had 2500 dollars in food stamps on her card. For that month! (I was able to see the balance when swiping the card). And this is just one couple who i could obviously tell were crackheads. They had the bent knees look and well i grew up near neighborhoods where people like this werent so rare unfortunatly.

  • Absolutely, people need to respect the system that assist them when they are having financial difficulties.

    People who are addicted to drugs should be receiving help but not in the form of financial assistance from the government. In many cases the reasons why people need assistance in the first place is due to their inability to keep a job because of their addictions. As such the powers that be must find a definitive way to determine who these individuals are and stop assisting them with tax payer dollars.

  • It's only fair!

    I am a FIRM believer that one should pass a drug test in order to receive government assistance. The average Joe has to do so in many jobs in order to work and receive money, so why shouldn't people that are getting a free handout? The government should want to know that their funds are truly helping people, not going into the hands of drug dealers.

  • Yes - they must prove they can contribute to society

    Way too many people are actively contributing to the rampant abuse of government assistance in this country by squandering their free money on illicit materials. Instead of using their assistance cash to help feed and provide for themselves and their families, many of these people waste it all on drugs and help ruin society instead.

  • Yes of course

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  • Before getting financial aid, people should have to pass a drug test monthly.

    There are many people who take advantage of the system so drug tests should be taken as a precautionary action. Many people who actually need financial aid do not get any, yet someone who doesn't need it and has it and takes advantage of the extra money. This is bs, so I think that if you really need financial aid you should be willing to pass a drug test.

  • This could be a reason for many to stay off of drugs!!

    I think that if many of the people that are getting assistance had a reason to stay away from drugs they would. Do you not think it will help the children by giving there parents a reason to not do drugs? And if you still can't help yourself but do drugs knowing that you could lose everything that is handed to you for free to support your family, than you should NOT be assistance.

  • Pass You test!!!

    Everyone who is on these government assistance programs usually need them.And If you cannot pass a drug test,meaning you have plenty of money for drugs then;for example surely you can pay for your own food without food-stamps.With everyone who doesn't need the assistance off, even more people can be helped.

  • If you have money for drugs, you don't need to get help for food.

    By receiving government assistance, you are admitting to needing help. Tax payers are there to give you a hand up, not a hand out. By making people who want government assistance pass a drug test it will limit who receives the help. It will give people and initiative to sober up and it will also help them get their life back on track. If you are willing to take money from the government (tax payers), you better be damn sure you will work hard to eventually get back on you feet.

  • Drug Tests Waste Money

    I do not believe people should have to pass drug tests to receive government benefits. I think this is wrong because one drug they test for, marijuana, should not be illegal, therefore testing would take assistance away from people who truly did nothing wrong. Secondly, if you take assistance like Food Stamps away from parents who test positive for drugs, you're more than likely harming the children.

  • no but...

    how about we take anyone who ever tests positive for anything including alcohol whether they are rich or poor and remove their children from them until they can prove they will never touch a drink of any kind again, or do drugs again? After all we need to ensure tax payers pay out more in the form of foster care to these children. SOunds kind of stupid doesn't it? And of course those not on welfare wouldn't agree that their children be taken because doing drugs etc is ok to many of them because they work for it. The rich make the rules, but they don't want to actually abide by their own rules, ever noticed that.?

  • We need to make welfare "unfun".

    Just because there are drugs in their body does not mean they willingly took them or paid for them. Tell me, if my brother was on welfare and he came over, could he not have a drink or two?

    We need to make welfare uncomfortable to be on by sacrificing freedoms. No food choice, government gives you a bag of groceries. Perhaps government should take the kids away until the parents are able to support them. Etc.

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