Should people have to pay an extra tax on soda or junk food?

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  • I support sin taxes because historically they work:

    Sin Taxes do work. I mean with obesity being the major epidemic making junk food more costly than healthier alternatives (which sadly is the opposite of the current situation) makes a lot of sense. The truth is that most people eat junk food because it's cheap, not because they seek it out, and while buying soft drinks etc. for pleasure or parties won't hurt the bank making it the stable fluid you drink should.

  • Yes it should!

    Having to pay for more taxes would attempt to offset the economical cost that diseases and conditions that are related to poor nutrition have on the country's health care system. People are getting taxed more and more for things such as cigarettes so why not increase taxes for fast food? It might deter people away and instead go for a more healthy food source if the prices are more similar than they are now due to the cost of products being one of the main reasons why people may tend to eat junk.

  • Think about the country

    Our country is getting pretty pathetic, People are way to sensitive these days. I think people are taking this way to personal, They need to look at the benefits of taxing soda and junk food. The less junk you eat and drink the healthier you will get (in most cases ), The healthier people are he better they will feel about themselves and the better people feel about themselves the more likely they are to help people in need, Not being depressed which leads to all sorts of bad stuff, Being positive, And thinking more straightly. Its for the countries good. To the people that says there is not a store around them, What are you really saying? I think you are to lazy to get up and get it yourself. Eat healthy and make america great again!

  • They should junk food

    This is an entrepreneur society. There ought to be little duty on everything to ensure that the two organizations and individuals have enough cash to extend and develop the economy. An expense on nourishment will do simply frighten individuals off from cheap food chains and this absence of business will prompt an absence of interest for occupations which thusly will adversely influence the economy

  • These Taxes Are Necessary!

    Soda and Junk Food taxes are a good idea. Granted, Some people may not enjoy being charged more for things they want to eat. That is why groceries don't have tax (healthy foods, Not junk). These grocery foods aren't taxed, This means that you can buy actually food instead of damaging your health. You also need food to live, That is also why grocery foods and water are not taxed. You do not however, Need junk food to survive. This is why they tax your junk food, But not actual food. Because junk food and soda are not necessary to live; therefore they are taxed.

  • Tax on junk food

    Junk food is not good for the human body. It is not a part of the origional diet that we were goving when we first came to this earth. It also has things in that are not good for the human body. Most junk food have ingredients that can give you CANCER and DIABETIES

  • Tax on soda

    I understand both arguments, What I would propose is just putting a tax on soda. Some people would have a hard time not being able to afford food, but soda is a completely unnecessary part of American's diets. It is addictive and uunneeded. A lot of Americans don't drink nearly enough water in a day.

  • Yes they should have to pay extra taxes

    Ok yes I love junk foods and sugary drinks but they are not good for u at all and I feel like if we have to pay extra taxes for junk foods and sugary drinks that we wont buy them as much and we will be healthy and also I feel like its a good idea because the extra money can go to schools that needs that money for some supplies to learn and have an education which is way more important then junk foods and sugary drinks.

  • And subsidize healthy foods

    There should be an extra tax on soda and junk food and subsidies to lower the costs of junk food.

    Many people eat junk food because it's all they can afford. Junk food often costs less than healthy food. There are also many people who eat junk food for its addictive properties.

    Junk food should carry a heavy tax and healthy foods heavily subsidized. We also need to address food deserts, places far away from supermarkets where the nearest food is fast food and retail outlets selling primarily junk food.

  • I say yes

    I say yes because it will help more people eat healthier.
    I say yes because it will help more people eat healthier.
    I say yes because it will help more people eat healthier.
    I say yes because it will help more people eat healthier.
    I say yes because it will help more people eat healthier.

  • That would be a violation of rights

    Yes. Junk food is bad. Most people know that, yet they choose to eat it. I eat it occasionally too. There's no harm in that. Some people eat it more often than they should, which causes harm to them, but that is their right to damage their health if they choose to do so. Besides, how on earth would we agree on which foods are "good" and which ones are junk? We really couldn't. What if we decided to tax everything that was considered bad for us? Most of the population would go broke. Besides, it would be a violation of people's rights in my opinion.

  • No. It will only increase the prices of food and bring down businesses.

    This is a capitalist society. There should be little tax on everything in order to make sure that both businesses and people have enough money to expand and grow the economy. A tax on food will do nothing more than scare people away from fast food chains and this lack of business will lead to a lack of demand for jobs which in turn will negatively effect the economy

  • Let me feed on what I want!!!

    Let me feed on what I want, what is the point of taxing my food but not yours? I like mcdonald and people who hate dont need to go around and force people not to go there, they just need not to go there, it is a democracy, let me eat what I want!!!

  • Don't tell me what to do.

    I say no because people have the right to do what they want. The government only has the right to tell people what to do if they violate the rights of other people. We the people have had enough of the government telling us what to do. Random word filler here.

  • No, there shouldn't be any taxes on junk food

    I'm not an avid junk food fun and eater, but introducing the idea to pay more only because this food considered to be not a healthy option to eat is complete nonsence. You know, bread and sauces in supermarkets might be harmful as well. For example, I can buy a kilo of potatos and fry it at home, if I want some french fries, but I simply don't have time and desire to go to the shop, cut potatos, fry it, I simply go to a local fast food restaurant and buy it. Why should I be penalized if I give my own money in order to get something that I want to consume, but simply don't have time and desire to cook? So, does it mean that someone who sells potato should ask me if I am about to fry it in oil or boil it in water which is healthy, and take some extra money if I don't fall under the latter? If I want some junk food, I will eat in a-n-y-w-a-y-s. So, I do not support this idea.

  • There is no such thing as a good tax

    I think Winston Churchill speaks for all of us when he said that. It's pointless to tax junk food and soda, seeing as people already pay a tax for it. A "special" tax is just showing you don't trust the people and thus, you show what kind of leader you are.

  • No tax !

    I see the benefits a junk food and soda tax could have, such as deterring some people from purchasing as much soda and junk food due to the expense. And if the tax used was spent on healthcare I can see how it all relates. It may reduce obesity and other illness stats a bit too. However, I doubt it would make a HUGE difference. People still enjoy junk food and I believe that many would continue to purchase it, even with the tax. If the tax were to work well and many people stopped purchasing/purchased less junk food and soda then these companies would be earning less and would likely have to cut jobs. Cutting jobs is not a good thing for anyone nor the economy.

    Also, one last thing I'd like to mention is that junk food and soda don't always cause health issues. If consumed in moderation they can do little - no harm at all.

  • It would be wrong to do to people

    Why should we be taxed on food we enjoy to eat? Even if there was a tax on sugary foods that doesn't mean we won't still buy and eat them, Over 35% of Americans are considered obese and it feels threatening being taxed and most likely forced to eat healthy when some people don't like it, You would have to tax honey which is sugary but also healthy, Which seems dumb.

  • Feelings and human right:

    People have a right to eat whatever tasty food there is. Taking that away would affect thousands of people who may not be able to afford proper food for whatever reason. There will be many more debates to try to get rid of the rule. Riots about making cheap and selling expensive. Riots for rights being unnoticed/ignored. Nutrition by buying beef cheap in your burgers, and unable to buy beef in the shops. Religious people are being noticed when using beef instead of pork.

  • No Way Thats Crazy

    They can't taxt us on this we eat this about every day, yes it is unhealthy but we know that alredy that why they call it Junk Food. If we want to eat it we can and we shouldn't be charged extra foir it. I don't want to walk into a gas station and get a candy bar and get charged more because I am craving something sweet to eat.

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