Should people have to prove they are in good health before their undergoing elective surgery?

  • Yes, people should have to verify good health prior to elective surgery.

    If for nothing else, the surgeons performing elective surgery should assure that their patients are in good enough health that their life will not be in jeopardy if the surgery is elective. If the patient can prove that their health, both physical and mental, is good enough to understand the potential outcomes, then they can proceed with the elective surgery.

  • At least not a risk

    I think a person has to at least prove that they aren't a risk or more of a risk than would outweigh the benefits of the elected surgery before having it. Sometimes there are surgeries that are considered elective but that would be a huge benefit to a person's health and life. In this case, I could understand taking somewhat of a risk.

  • That defeats the purpose of a surgery.

    If person is having a surgery, they are obviously not in good health. Having to prove them having good health is very risky because then they won't be able to have the surgery because of "bad health". It's so stupid. Many surgeries are to correct bone structure, such as back surgeries, knee surgeries or any surgery to correct physical structure. Overall health shouldn't have any role in this because even if they have health problems, the surgery still has to happen. It is ridiculous to prove good health to have a surgery, if a surgery is being conducted to improve health.

  • Doctors should already be familiar with the health of their patient.

    Patients rightfully expect their physician to have a general picture of their overall health and to only recommend elective surgery if the patient is healthy enough for it. In this system of PPOs and HMOs, many patients get lost in the shuffle and don't have a chance to develop long-lasting, open rapport with their doctor. In such cases, it is up to the doctor to do the investigative work to determine the patient's health at the time of the surgery. It's about time they took some responsibility for doing their jobs.

  • They are adults

    If you choose elective surgery and your body is not well enough for it, that is a decision that you alone should bear. Medical professionals can advise and provide information, but at the end of the day, anybody adult enough to choose plastic surgery or lap-band surgery can make their own final decision and bear responsibility for that decision.

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