Should people have to take regular classes on politics and current events in order to vote?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • I strongly recommend it.

    Having a prior knowledge of politics before voting provides the individual with a key understanding of who to vote for and who not to vote for. As a result the country will be more successful with its elections and we will not damage any other elements of our country more than we have already done.

  • Get rid of the "Idiocracy"

    More people statistically support the Affordable Care Act than support Obamacare. People believe that climate change is a myth. People vote for the Tea Party. People should have to take regular politics and current events classes in order to vote to make sure they know what's actually going on and can cast an informed vote. Elections would actually be intelligent and not the bank-rolled beauty pageants we have now.

  • How's that democratic?

    Democracy means "Rule of the people". To ensure this, everybody has (or should have) the right to vote. Exceptions could be made, if a person is evidently incapable of understanding the concept of election and government itself (e.G. Kids, mentally ill people who need a guardian). If people aren't educated enough than the government and society must do a better job at educating them. Put a larger focus on politics in schools, make information easier available and more present (being able to voluntarily take classes on the subject would be an option). Force the parties to do a more honest campaign instead of just trying to make a bigger smear campaign then there competitors.
    But you can't forbid people to vote if they haven't gone to a specific class, which would would no doubt be regulated by the current government. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and can vote whoever they want, even if this opinion is just BS.
    Also first you have to take some classes, then later you have to have a certain degree, like having at least finished high school, then you have to have at least a college degree and so on.
    Seriously, people should try to make the U.S. More democratic, not less.

  • No of course not.

    Only a ignorant self indulged democrat would think up such a ridiculous idea. Education plays an important role in the individuals ability to interpret information so of course a greater education in the study of politics/history would better enable the average citizen to come to a more resolute decision to closely parallel his or hers believes. But a controlled system implemented by the government to educate people on politics?? Day one lesson one can you spell corruption!

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