• Elderly likes busy life

    There has been several survey results that about half of the old tend to think that living a peaceful life is not good for them. They would like to have a busier life instead of a quiet one. If you were to be a considerate person, why should you restrain them by doing what you think is good for them?

  • Working Past 65 A Choice

    No one should have to work after age 65. There should be an age at which retirement is available, much as Medicare is available to individuals at age 65. However, that also does not mean that someone should be required to stop working at 65. Instead, they should have the right to choose if they wish to continue working or not.

  • No, people should not have to work after age 65.

    I do not think that people should work after the age of 65 unless they choose to especially if they worked a majority of their life. I do not think it should be a mandatory thing but giving them a choice is a pretty good idea. I see enough older people working because they have no other choice and it is saddening.

  • Your choice so long as you can survive

    I think the question is poorly worded. People aren't forced to work until they're 65, so long as they aren't living off social welfare systems they could theoretically not work at all at any age. If you're independently wealthy, there's nothing saying you can't sit at home doing nothing all day long. But for those who are looking for a "retirement age" and working for a paycheck for the rest of their lives, I think the age is less the issue than the quality of life. I've seen people well into their 80's who are healthy and fully able and willing to work who have been "forced to retire" by company policies. On the other hand I have seen people in their 50's who are in poor health who struggle to work because they don't qualify for retirement/Medicare/etc benefits yet.

  • No - Not yet

    I don't feel that currently people should have to work after the age of 65, as life expectancy is still not a great deal higher then this. I do however think that in the future, as life expectancy increases, the retirement age should also be moved. This is because it would be impossible for working age to support an ever growing retired population.

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