• There are always people working on holidays.

    Some people's jobs, such as doctors and policemen, have to be done even on holidays. There are also businesses, such as restaurants, that make a considerable profit on holidays. These businesses stay open because all the people who are celebrating the holiday want to go out on their day off.

  • No, people should have off in national holidays.

    No. People have the right to spend with their families, they are human beings and have the right to rest and spend with their families. Many of them work overtime and extremely hard for very little pay. Public services should be payed more for working holidays, and employees should take turns during these days, as of retail and hospitality workers it is not necessary to do so, and if these stores are going to open they don't have to be open at regular schedule. A special schedule should be done in this case (9:00 am to 7:00 pm as an example).

  • No - Not compulsery

    I don't think anyone should be forced to work on national holidays. I also feel there should be a restriction on the amount you can actually work per year. A national holiday is the only day some people will be able to spend with their families, as we all lead such busy lives now.

  • No one should have to work on national holidays.

    No, I do not think that people should have to work on national holidays because holidays are time for people to spend with their families and if there is people working then that totally defeats the purpose. It is only one day where everything would be completely closed so I think people would be able to live till the next day.

  • No, people should have national holidays off

    No, I believe that people should be able to have national holidays off. Of course, there are some jobs that do not allow for this such as police officers and fire fighters. The average working woman and man should be able to relax and spend the day with their family. It is not very often that people get to spend time with their families in this day and age of 40 plus hour work weeks and jobs that come home with us. Give them one day.

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