• Hunting is fun

    Hunting is fun because you get to have food from the animals. I like to have the heads of the animals to hang on my wall. I love the meat from the animals. I also like to kill them because they give me food. Yuuuuuum yummmmmmmm yuuuuummmmm yuum yum yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who does that anymore

    It kills them and the forest I hate killing animals but that is my opinion but this is a fact that killing animals kills the forest and i hate to kill the enviroment and the animals they deserve better than that and i love animals a lot there so cute when there babys

  • Who Does That!!!

    No wonder some animals are almost on the brink of extinction because people don't know how to but a gun away. I like hunting but when i hear how many animals are on the brink of extinction i stopped right away!!! PEOPLE STOP KILLING ANIMALS THAT DON'T NEED TO BE KILLED!!!!!!

  • Hunting should have a purpose.

    The purpose of hunting should be to get food. If hunters do not intend to make use of their game, then they are gratuitously killing animals, which is completely unethical. Furthermore, hunters should be required to make as much use out of their catches as possible so that there is only a minimal amount of waste as the result of hunting.

  • Hunting for Sport is cruel

    When people hunt to use the animal for food and possibly clothing and tools that is ok but when people hunt down animals to kill them only so they can brag to their friends, that is not right. Animals are living creatures as well, there is no reason to purposely trap them and kill them if the hunter has no real purpose or use for it after wards.

  • People shouldn't hunt for sport.

    Hunting as a sport is gruesome as it kills innocent animals who don't deserve to die. There are better methods which can be more fun like airsoft or paintball instead. Killing animals is unmoral and shouldn't be allowed as some people abuse this which can cause extinction in already endangered animals.

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