Should people in airports go through such intense security screening.

Asked by: Crystal.Haunter
  • It shouldn't be by the government though.

    Security screening is a violation of rights to business owners. They should be in charge of the screening involved, as security is an expense that they need to pay for. It shouldn't be government related. It's a waste of tax dollars. The government should require airlines to do their own screening, it shouldn't be a government action.

  • I think people should go through intense security screening

    People should go through intense security screening because, most people have a tendency to carry scary and harmful things onto planes that could damage the plain. That's why most people have to go through intense security scanning, so people don't end up carrying bombs or weapons onto the plane and/or airport. It might jeopardize personal privacy and space, but would you rather be dead or violated?

  • It sure does

    After what happened on 9/11 I think that we should do all that we can possibly do to prevent another catastrophe like that to ever happen again. If this requires more of an intensive search than i think it should be done to the befit of all others. I would like to fly safe

  • Yes I Agree

    My first reason is that people could bring illegal substances onto the plane and using it stuff like Heroin,Hashish,Cocaine,MDMA (METHYLENEDIOXYMETHAMPHETAMINE) and many other drugs they are very bad for u and the people around you you might feel good for a bit but then you feel like Sh*t after a while and the people around you.

  • Yes I think they should.

    Because they could have illegal weapons in them and if people are coming from Africa or something they might have poached an animal and are trying to take it to the country to sell on the black market or just keep it. So that is why I think they should.

  • Yes they should

    We don't want any people on our flights that could do harm. The wait for 15 minutes is a better deal then not go through the screening and lose your life! For all the people that say the wait is not worth it, think again. People will lose their life if we don't have security screening at airports

  • Absolutely people must go through screening

    If you dont go through screening 9/11 terrorist attacks and other attacks are caused because they hide guns and weapons to do those attacks . People also get scared because of that . These attacks are very dangerous and needs screening because you have to make sure people are safe .

  • Yes of corse

    People should because inisent people are getting murdered for no reason. They just want to go and enjoy life for the time they have left. You guys so what happend in the 9/11 attacks. They thought that it was fun to murder people. I stand up for whats right. Whos with me?

  • True. Is needed

    Even though airlines try their best to stop attacks on flight, these could be needed for an extra layer of security. There have been few or little reports of plane hijacking but there has to be a better way to stop it and end this problem all together COMPLETELY .

  • They should yes

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  • You shouldn't undergo intense security scanning

    Not only is it more expensive to go through, but the government is just trying to control more. They just used 9/11 as an excuse to have more control over what people bring, they claim its for terrorists but haven't caught any. This is why i believe that we shouldn't go through intense security scanning.

  • There is no intense security screening.

    All the security screening in airports is as useless now as it would be 30 years ago when people were allowed to smoke in planes. The number of terrorist attacks was never higher when there was no intense security screening and it will never be lower because of it, because if there is a will there is a way so there is no need to bother passengers about lighters, matches and shampoo bottles. Having to fly is bad enough so leave me alone.

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