• Jeff Bezos could easily end world hunger for at least a year, And yet he chooses not to.

    In my opinion, Billionaires should not exist as long as there are people in extreme levels of poverty.

    In order to end world hunger for one year, It would cost $30 billion dollars-- Jeff Bezos is worth about $110 billion dollars. The United States defense budget is $737 billion dollars. Where are our priorities?

    The extremely rich who do nothing to help the disadvantaged don't deserve to be rich. Jeff Bezos is not 100% self-made-- he profits off of the labor of Amazon employees under questionable conditions.

    A million dollars is completely different than a billion dollars. If you were to stack $1m bills, It would be roughly 1m, Or the height of a chair. If you were to stack $1b bills, It would be roughly 1. 01 km high, Which is higher than the world's tallest building.

    Most billionaires are not self made (Kylie Jenner, Donald Trump) and instead inherit their a portion of their wealth. This makes it harder for the poor to even have a small chance of getting rich-- my parents work 6 days a week and earn a salary of about $50k while working harder than anybody should have to work to support a family of four, While Kim Kardashian's kids won't have to work a day in their life. Poor people aren't poor because they choose to be poor, Poor people are poor because rich people decide to stay rich.

  • Yes, I think people in power should be more generous to the poor.

    Those with wealth and power normally always donate and contribute to charities with their health but there is always room to be even more wealthy then they have been, overall I say poor people are looking for someone to help them out when they are worrying about financial problems and if more aid was available their lives were would be improved.

  • Yes they should.

    People in power should be more generous to the poor. They are the ones who will be able to help the poor get on the right track and help better their future. The poor are stuck in a cycle of poverty and only people in power will be able to change it.

  • Yes, they should be

    People all view their problems as their own. The stories that the homeless can tell you, would change your mind.I have worked with some of them and most are too proud to ask for help. I know they have had hard lives, by just asking them. If they get a little help maybe it will help them turn it around.

  • The powerful shuld be generous

    The rich and powerful should be more generous and this way maybe the government would not have to ta people as much. The wealthy have a responsibility to use their money wisely and one of the best decisions they can make is to give it to the people in need the most.

  • Yes, people in power should be more generous to the poor

    People in power should be more generous to the poor because the poor cannot always help themselves. The poor do not have the resources, or the know how to organize a way to improve their poor circumstances. If finances cannot be provided, we should provide education to help the poor earn more.

  • Poor People Are There For A Reason

    You could argue they have money they have to help. This is stupid as many poor people have kids early, spend too much money, or just expect the government to bail them out. America has many opportunities to be successful but its your job to get there not the rich.

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