Should people in the military who are underage be allowed to drink alcohol?

Asked by: hepster
  • Willingness to die for the country

    I do believe that anyone that is in the military should be allowed to drink. Even if they are under the age of 21. After all at the age of 18 you are allowed to smoke and die for your country. If allowed the underage military personal should have to use a special ID to buy alcohol.

  • Willing to Die for your country

    This is an extremely simple topic, and is hard for people who do not have relatives in the military to understand. If you are willing to die for your country, you should be aloud to drink a beer. First off the drinking age should be 18 because adults should be aloud to consume alcohol. Soldiers should be aloud to consume alcohol because their bravery shows the maturity required to drink.

  • Or we should just change the military age to 21!

    Maybe not everyone at 18 (or 21 or 30 for that matter) is responsible with alcohol. But if you're not responsible with alcohol how are you going to be responsible with military equipment. Serving in the military is a HUGE responsibility. Can we please agree to keep law CONSISTENT!? It's not consistent to assert that people 18-20 aren't responsible enough to drink but they're responsible enough to serve in the military.

  • While on base.

    Military personnel in garrison on base should be allowed to purchase alcohol a the px. Military Members show higher maturity than civilians. Obviously nobody can drink on duty, and I do not believe as a civilian an underage member should be able to purchase such as when on leave. USMC

  • Maturity is not an age

    We are letting our soldiers at 18-20 go overseas ad loo down their rifle at another human being and chose whether or not to take their life. That is the ultimate sacrifice yet alcohol has more responsibility and concern than a weapon, bullet, and another person. I think we need to rethink the real reasons why we don't allow drinking from 18-20.

  • Yes they should

    If you can fight and potentially die for your country, than the least our country can do for our soldiers is give them the right to drink at 18. I don't understand why cigarettes are allowed in the military while drinks are not. Cigarettes are definitely worse for your health than alcohol is.

  • Our Military defends us

    They ate defending us day in and day out. If they want to drink let them. Our military is what is allowing this debate to happen in the first place. Active service members have their military ID when someone hands you one it should be immediately handed back and no questions asked.

  • They're going to die anyways

    If they're old enough to get fucking shot to death, They're old enough to drink alcohol. A bottle of Jack and a bullet, and we thing the bullet is less harmful? That's fucking insane and anyone willing to argue that point is retarded. Logic, go get some you mother fucker.

  • Cause its good

    Most of the people who said no brought up the point about drunks holding guns. Most of the military is older than 21 and we have no issues with them, so why would we have a problem with those who are a little younger? No other military has this issue,

  • Why the fuck not

    They may not wake up the next day. Blood is spilt in order for our freedom. Enjoy bashing others with your freedom of speech or sleeping tight every night not having to hope your house is obliterated from rebels. Enjoy waking up the next day, you sure as will. People in active duty military may not be as lucky as you; moreover, you sure are lucky to not be in combat.

  • Being in the military does not make you responsible.

    I am a veteran and served in Iraq before I was old enough to drink. At the time I thought it was not right for underage service members to be unable to drink, however I now completely agree with the law. If you want to drink before age 21, there are ways to work it out with family or your unit, the law helps prevent complete irresponsibility when you are too young to know better. Legalizing alcohol for underage service members would create more problems that it would be worth. Besides, when you grow up a bit you will realize that you weren't really missing out on anything to begin with.

  • Soldiers Can Still Abuse Alcohol

    Just because you are in the military does not mean you are "mature" enough to handle it. Have you ever heard of The Lost Generation? After World War I many soldiers in an effort to find meaning in life after witnessing so many horrors drowned themselves in drugs and alcohol, therefore destroying themselves. There are plenty of ex-military personnel that have gotten DUIs and plenty that have been sent to the emergency room for alcohol-related problems. Your argument of 18 minimum age, because they are adults is irrelevant. The drinking age is set at 21, because crucial brain development is occurring in the teen years which could be negatively affected by alcoholic products. Being in the armed forces is great! You gain lots of experience and physical, as well as, mental training. However, they are still only human.

  • You want drunk people in the army?

    Sure the booze isn't going to be passed around before a battle, but there isn't going to be any doubt that there are going to be to be people who will sneak a drink to ease their anxieties. Should the military even be allowed to drinking alcohol at all while on duty?

  • Drinking Age Is Still Drinking Age

    Just because you join the military doesn't mean that you should be able to usurp the legal drinking age. That's like saying I could drink just because I'm a bartender (It is legal in some states to be a bartender at age 18). Though I am clearly underage should I be able to drink alcohol simply because I handle it? What about restaurants? Because I'm a waitress and my establishment serves alcohol should I be able to partake in it? I don't think so, a rule is a rule, no drinking until you are 21.

  • Being in the military does not mean you are above the law.

    We have this law as a reason, being in the military does not put you above it whether or not you agree with the law itself. Plus the military cannot be held responsible for possible alcohol abuse in the future especially if someone underage is introduced to drinking comfortably .

  • Can we trust drunks with guns.

    The fact that there are millions of drinking related accidents per year. Why would we want to allow the people who protect us be drunk? Its unsafe for are bases and the well being of our soldiers to be drunk with weapons, its absolutely absurd. Yes they deal with daily issues but that's no excuse.

  • No way! The people in our military are the ones who are supposed to protect and serve our country.

    Why would we allow anyone or want anyone representing our country to not abide by the law. The law is the law and it's intended for everyone and this would include our military branches of service.
    It's fine for people who are under age to drink at home, where they are safe. Your talking about people who have weapons, use weapons, are around them at all times in the military. If your under age alcohol and weapons don't mix in any profession, this would include the military also.

  • No alcohol in a volunteer force.

    I would support 18-20 drinking on leave if the US were still operating under a draft where conscripts don’t really have the option to stay in civilian jurisdictions.
    As far as modern times go, Alcohol should be prohibited for any service member who is Active Duty (this includes 21+. )
    I think the people operating the billion-dollar killing machines (at least on our side) shouldn’t be risking the myriad of problems that routinely crop up with alcohol/high stress environments.

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