Should people in the U.S. have affordable health care?

  • Affordable health care is important.

    Affordable health care is important not only in the United States, but everywhere across the world. It is unfortunate that we have to pay so much for health care because we should not have to worry about our financial situation over our health. Our health should be the top priority and we need to have affordable health care.

  • The U.S. should have affordable health care

    I staunchly believe that the U.S. should offer its citizens affordable health care. I view it as a basic human right, much like being entitled to clean air, water and food. Health care is a very unique type of commodity due to the fact that its consumption can never be avoided - sooner or later all of us do get ill and need medical treatment of one sort or another. Due to this, its availability cannot be abridged based on one's ability to pay.

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