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Posted by: Gaben11

Of course not.

  No, what's the reason for that? I think we can agree there are more politically involved people in the country than not, and their votes will outweigh the rest. Not to mention this definitely goes against the constitution. One of the things about being an american is that you born with the right to vote.
The_Witticist says2013-10-11T06:39:40.483
Yes, it is a right, but is it for the better welfare of the country? Do we want retarded or mentally disabled people who have no clue what they're voting for taking part in a huge decision? I don't think so.
bete says2013-10-12T01:45:27.760
Ok, do you know of any mentally disabled people who vote? A lot of mentally disabled people probably don't even understand how to vote, and don't.
Speedslasher says2014-06-09T05:45:36.727
Idk what the person above was saying for mentally disordered persons, but this should be put in place not because of those but because of those that are voting for no reason that are not disabled, why should someone who doesn't know why they are voting for who they are voting for vote? Or those who vote based off dialect/speech or skin color black or white or mixed?
noahph says2014-12-23T06:27:52.930
Checking a few boxes, or one even as is possible, every two years is a joke compared to other forms of involvement such as volunteering. But with voting, it can affect others lives. And no, there's the "one man one vote" principle, so uneducated voters can dominate numerically. Here we should ask people to at least know ground principles like that Abraham Lincoln was the president who made the Emancipation Proclamation. Having the uneducated running around voting just because they are adult Americans is a counterproductive endeavor. At least knowing a bit of politics to influence politics is a modest standard.
rhaegar89 says2019-01-15T06:32:07.080
Both your claims are false.

(1) This is not against the US constitution, Here’s what the 15th amendment says:
"The right of U. S. Citizens to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, Color, Or previous condition of servitude. "

(2) Your assumption that “there are more politically involved” is wrong. Every study points in the other direction.
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