Should people in the US pass a political knowledge test before voting?

Asked by: Gaben11
  • It gives people a clear idea

    Although it seems new and doesn't make sense, It should be proposed because there are people in this world who do not have information about all this, They do it just for the sake of it. And arguing about equal rights is kind of dumb because one voter is just a drop in the ocean compared to the number of voters in the country and they don't make much of a difference. But still people shouldbe logical and have their reasons when voting for an elected representative, Although one voter doesnt matter hundreds of people with the same opinion can really make a change. So if we have these people voting for some random clown promising to help the country, They are gonna destroy the whole democracy. If people act like donkeys and continue to, This seems like the best choice as of now. And this test shouldn't be treated like your final exams or so. People should understand that it is a test to prove your worth even tho it seeems intimidating you shouldnt be because there should be no grades. Not really a test per se. But a normal quiz to prove you are worthy to be a voter.

  • Trump's supporters believe the unimaginable

    I despair when I see what people post, And seemingly believe, Though I can't see how.
    These people are destroying the country, And McConnell and other enablers are going along.
    May they all rot in hell.
    They believe that they are decent people. Decent people all despair of them all.

  • It would be personally inconvenient but I would support it

    We have too many people who vote for people simply because of race political group or gender. If the only thing you know about a candidate your voting for is their race political affiliation and or gender then your voting irresponsible and really should not be voting at all. You should know about each candidate's platform there personal and political background as well as what drives them as an individual. Everyone should educate themselves long before stepping into a voting booth.

  • Definitely people should understand current issues before being able to vote

    People hang on to slogans like "maga" or "medicare for all" without knowing what and how. I believe we don't have to understand the history (which is nice but not necessary) just a test which shows they understand current issues so that they can actually choose what they really want and not what sounds good. Some people tell me why they are voting for someone and when I explain the issues to them they change their mind completely. Also, Sometimes Presidents get voted in because of the hype surrounding them and not anything else.

  • To test them but not block them if they fail

    This action would indeed violate the constitution. The purpose of this should really be to inform them of whatever they might be missing. It should really be a REQUIREMENT to take the test PASS OR FAIL and not "YOU HAVE TO PASS". It doesn't have to take away voter rights, But at least show them the importance of why it "REALLY" matters.

  • Yes, To prevent politicians applying marketing techniques instead of scientific techniques.

    We need politicians to start giving realistic manifestos. Currently, Politicians all give unrealistic goals cause there is no pressure. Private companies normally have much better governance even ones that literally have profits and staff numbers that rival the GDPs and populations of small countries. This is because no CEO gets hired purely on slogans and unrealistic. If some is interviewing to be CEO and they say they can double the companies turnover, For example, They have to show why it is plausible show their calculations plus they are interviewed by other people who know the subject matter. But in a democracy we vote in people making promises who make arguments based on ideologies created centuries ago, I mean we still have politicians talking about Capitalism vs Communism in 2019, Referencing thinkers from yesteryear, Currently, Most countries are mixed economies. Whereas for example in the private sector if a company follows a best practice framework, Its normally the latest and it normally has versions that are updated and normally realistic. The fact evidence-based governance techniques exist and consensus existon best practices politicians are forced to take extreme positions just to get voted in. Democracy then changes and becomes a popularity contest and not a contest on the best way forward. Very rarely an extreme position is the one based on evidence to work, Generally, Things that work are quite boring. But unfortunately, An extreme position is the one that is most likely to get you into power. A test could be one way to solve this problem or if not a test, Parties should be forced to produced manifestos that they can prove scientifically and must be independently peer-reviewed at least for soundness by experts.

  • Too many ill-informed, Ignorant people on both sides.

    They need to let intelligent, Well-informed people decide elections and stay home and watch their reality TV. Politics is not a team sport. It's about compromise and governing for the common good. If someone can't grasp that, They need to not vote. This is why we have the party over country politicians we do in Washington.

  • For Senators and a portion of the electoral college: YES. For the lower house: NO

    All people ought to have a choice in representation. Yet it would be dangerous not to check the power of the ignorant and unaware. Proper policy requires a breadth of knowledge and intelligence across various fields. A society and culture ought not be gambled with by populist or nationalist movements that always occur during economic or social upheavals.

  • Critical thinking skills are a must.

    Without the ability to discern political subjects rationally a populus can easily fall victim to demagogues' rhetoric. School teaching standards talk a big game about teaching critical thinking skills, But far too many adults emerge from our educational system with no clue of how to separate fact from fiction. Without these skills humans do what they have always done when faced with a decision, Look around to see what other in their tribe are doing can do that same. It makes them feel comfortable, And no real thought is involved. Easy. Another easy out is to just vote based on name recognition. Hence celebrities with no qualifications can get millions of votes. I'm sorry but such people are squandering their democratic responsibilities and hampering the future of our republic.

  • It would make the country a more effective republic

    Many Americans go to the polls for all the wrong reasons: because somebody is of a specific race, Or gender, Or even because they simply don't like the alternatives and instead choose the "lesser evil". But voting this way is dangerous because it means politicians get voted into office based on their ability to manipulate the ignorant masses instead of their ability to effectively run a nation of hundreds of millions of people.

    Requiring voters to take a competency test before they vote means that only the qualified, Informed voters who know better go to the polls, Depriving predatory politicians of the chance to lie, Cheat, And steal their way to power.

  • This is not necessary by the Constitution

    There should be no necessity to take a citizenship test before voting because it is not needed by the Constitution, usually things like these are meant to disenfranchise other groups (I'm talking to you, you segregate based on religion or other things) , and i seems nosy. Think about it. If you were required to take a citizenship test before voting, would you want a government agent snooping around your house while you take a test that you might fail? It seems illogical.

  • No they shouldn't

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  • No i don't

    We need more people like trump in office. Who will rule the world liike hitler. That'd be nice right? Well, here i am taellling you know you should not be informed otherwise we an't have trump in office ;)... So i am in miss hardy's class and proud to be a trump american

  • Voting is a Natural Right!

    Voting is a natural right. It is one of the unalienable rights that is implied in the constitution by Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness that cannot be taken away. Also, most of the voting population has already take some sort of civics test an have gone through education. The United States of America is a democracy and people should be able to vote for their own leaders, otherwise, in the end, the U.S will just end up having a king and not having the people decide the government.

  • There should not be a test!

    People have already gone through school and tests. For example, if you come from another country, to become a U.S. citizen and be able to exercise the right to vote, you must already take a civics test and learn the language. And in schools, seventh graders must take Civics tests. Plus, it everyone's own effort to stay informed. Hopefully the informed voters will outweigh the people who just don't pay attention.

  • This is just plain discrimination.

    People who are financially unstable may not have the funds to send their children to school to learn about civics and politics. The politicians will target their votes at those who can vote, and the less fortunate will not have a voice to support them. We are reverting ourselves to Jim Crow eras. Voting is a natural right for American citizens. There is more than one layer to this issue, and people need to realize this.

  • Of course not!

    The reason the fifteenth amendment was given to us is because then everyone had the right to vote

    What's the reason for taking that away?? Litterally, none.

    The same knowledge that is used to make everyday decisions, like deciding what to eat, are used in the poll on the day of voting. If we require a literacy or civics test on the day when people go to the polls, why don’t we provide a test say food nutrition when people order their burgers at McDonalds? Or a test on fabrication and sewing when the shoppers buy their clothing items at the department stores?

    No! Which is exactly why there shouldn't be a test!!!

  • No i dont

    We need more people like trump in office. Who will rule the world liike hitler. That'd be nice right? Well, here i am taellling you know you should not be informed otherwise we an't have trump in office ;)... So i am in miss hardy's class and proud to be a trump american

  • I support this

    There should be a test for people of the United States to know what is going on. (PS: If u r in Mrs. Hardy's class, hi and good luck on ur essay ;) ) We need informed voters, who can make fully educated decisions on the topic of our country.

  • It's our free right!!!

    The constitution gives us the fifteenth amendment for a reason...

    It honestly doesn't matter whether or not you have an education, if you can read and write, you're good!!!!
    The ability shouldn't be based on gender, race, religion, how much money you have, ect.. This is a free country for a REASON!!!

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