Should people in the US pass a political knowledge test before voting?

Asked by: Gaben11
  • This is about BASIC COMPETENCY.

    This is about basic basic competency. Voting is a privilege NOT a right. Like driving a car or owning a gun. In this case you will be asked to cast a ballot based on your understanding of basic government functions and social issues. If you are unable to understand and thoughtfully apply available information in regards to your vote. Then you should have none. There should be a basic civics course and test. And a social responsibilities course... And test! I believe this to be a very realistic goal with limited cost. .....Unlike the ultimate cost of electing an idiot for president.

  • American-born Citizens Should Take the Same Test as Naturalized Citizens

    To become a naturalized citizen (and a legal voter), one is required to “Demonstrate a basic knowledge of U.S. history, government, and civic principles” and “Demonstrate an ability to read, write, speak, and understand basic English”.

    Native-born citizens are allowed to vote no matter how illiterate or ill-informed. It seems reasonable that native-born Americans be required to demonstrate the same rudimentary understanding of the Constitution and civics as naturalized citizens.

  • Your future decided by a mass of ignorant, brainwashed fools? Hell no!

    Regardless of your party affiliation, you should fear the masses of morons who have been effectively brainwashed by the media, depending on which channel broadcasts their favorite reality TV show. JFK won votes during his debate against Nixon because he was rested and tanned...And the women ate it up. Whether you agree with the outcome is irrelevant. The example illustrates that people will vote for reasons which have no place in deciding the future of our country. We have amended the Constitution many times before to allow it to adapt to changing times.

    The hordes of idiots are descending upon our political system and twisting it with their ignorance and religion, which has absolutely no place in politics.

    A test of basic knowledge of current events could be administered alongside the ballot and if you don't pass the test, your ballot is shredded.

  • Here is why

    While yes it is a right for people to vote, why should someone who doesn't know why they're voting for who they are voting for or vote for someone because the other person spoke funny(dialect) or he was black like me or white like me or the other guy was black? Remember THIS ISN'T A LITERACY TEST, this a political test probably something simple like why did you vote for this individual, which is open ended so there isn't any easy way to cheat. This isn't testing whether you can read and write or not, which people can still be informed without knowing how to read or write. If you don't know why you shouldn't be voting. Democrat, Republican, or third party doesn't matter. Someone tell me why not. It doesn't infringe on the 15th amendment which says no excluding any race from voting, nor the 19th(women's suffrage), nor the 24th(poll tax). Someone tell me why not.

  • To Make the President Elected is the Right One

    People should have to pass a test to show they have some knowledge on voting to avoid ignorant people voting for a president for reasons unrelated to running a country, like race for example. If people are tested before voting, it shows they had to have put some thought behind their decision, or it will at least lessen the amount of votes cast for impure reasons

  • Yes -They Need It

    Suffrage is all well and good, but an uneducated person should not receive the right to vote - if you want your vote, prove that your opinion is valid, and that your opinion can reliably be said to benefit the entire country, because the entire country will have to live your vote. A smaller number of voters that know who the better candidate is is much better than a large number of voters who have no idea who the better candidate is, and will probably vote based only on party, or personality, or speeches.

  • Yes, it is for the rule of reason!

    Do people, having no idea what consequences their decision will have on their own life and the life of other people, have an irrevocable constitutional right to influence the life of others? I doubt. The situation gets worse, as this sets selection rules that favour politicians, appealing to the voters' feelings rather than their minds. Long-term, gradual improvements in economy and legislature are sacrificed to short-term populism, just because the majority of voters do not care to understand what these improvements are and how they work. I believe, only people who can prove their ability to make justifiable choices shall be given that right. So, test is a fair way to prove it.

  • Yes plus a logic test!

    I think people should not only have to pass a test that shows a basic understanding of politics, but also a test of their ability to use pure logic. Basically you should to be able to reason well and be knowledgeable enough to make an informed decision. One without the other is not enough.

  • No's take a step back from your opinions

    First off this is not an iq test or some five hundred question test, it is simply something that keeps people that just vote democrat because they are democrat same with republican. People who do not have a clue on what their candidate is running for should not vote because they are ignorant of it all. The test should just be a basic thing that questions on the simple views and reasons the candidate is running. Our nation is an education based system. They do not let some random person from off of the street with little knowledge become president, why should they let one vote for a president?

  • They have to know what they are talking about.

    I believe that people should take a political knowledge test before voting because they have to know what they are voting for. I don't want politically illiterate people voting on policy that governs people who make rational political decisions. If these people want to vote, they should know about political system and different aspects of it before they vote.

  • This is not necessary by the Constitution

    There should be no necessity to take a citizenship test before voting because it is not needed by the Constitution, usually things like these are meant to disenfranchise other groups (I'm talking to you, you segregate based on religion or other things) , and i seems nosy. Think about it. If you were required to take a citizenship test before voting, would you want a government agent snooping around your house while you take a test that you might fail? It seems illogical.

  • No they shouldn't

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  • No i don't

    We need more people like trump in office. Who will rule the world liike hitler. That'd be nice right? Well, here i am taellling you know you should not be informed otherwise we an't have trump in office ;)... So i am in miss hardy's class and proud to be a trump american

  • Voting is a Natural Right!

    Voting is a natural right. It is one of the unalienable rights that is implied in the constitution by Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness that cannot be taken away. Also, most of the voting population has already take some sort of civics test an have gone through education. The United States of America is a democracy and people should be able to vote for their own leaders, otherwise, in the end, the U.S will just end up having a king and not having the people decide the government.

  • There should not be a test!

    People have already gone through school and tests. For example, if you come from another country, to become a U.S. citizen and be able to exercise the right to vote, you must already take a civics test and learn the language. And in schools, seventh graders must take Civics tests. Plus, it everyone's own effort to stay informed. Hopefully the informed voters will outweigh the people who just don't pay attention.

  • This is just plain discrimination.

    People who are financially unstable may not have the funds to send their children to school to learn about civics and politics. The politicians will target their votes at those who can vote, and the less fortunate will not have a voice to support them. We are reverting ourselves to Jim Crow eras. Voting is a natural right for American citizens. There is more than one layer to this issue, and people need to realize this.

  • Of course not!

    The reason the fifteenth amendment was given to us is because then everyone had the right to vote

    What's the reason for taking that away?? Litterally, none.

    The same knowledge that is used to make everyday decisions, like deciding what to eat, are used in the poll on the day of voting. If we require a literacy or civics test on the day when people go to the polls, why don’t we provide a test say food nutrition when people order their burgers at McDonalds? Or a test on fabrication and sewing when the shoppers buy their clothing items at the department stores?

    No! Which is exactly why there shouldn't be a test!!!

  • No i dont

    We need more people like trump in office. Who will rule the world liike hitler. That'd be nice right? Well, here i am taellling you know you should not be informed otherwise we an't have trump in office ;)... So i am in miss hardy's class and proud to be a trump american

  • I support this

    There should be a test for people of the United States to know what is going on. (PS: If u r in Mrs. Hardy's class, hi and good luck on ur essay ;) ) We need informed voters, who can make fully educated decisions on the topic of our country.

  • It's our free right!!!

    The constitution gives us the fifteenth amendment for a reason...

    It honestly doesn't matter whether or not you have an education, if you can read and write, you're good!!!!
    The ability shouldn't be based on gender, race, religion, how much money you have, ect.. This is a free country for a REASON!!!

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