• Yes, Casey Anthony should be allowed to live peacefully.

    Our country has become passionate about the Casey Anthony trial and many people have taken her issue personally. Whether someone considers Casey Anthony to be guilty or not guilty it is not a responsibility of anyone besides the court and they do not have the authority to make judgment and administer punishment for her actions. Under the court of law she has been considered "Not Guilty" do to the evidence available to be reviewed.

  • I suppose

    I was going to vote no until one key line below me, involving contacting those handling the case and talking to them. That makes more sense. Casey Anthony is very likely a monster, but according to our justice system she is not, so that needs to be respected. This trial was flubbed from start to finish and somebody almost assuredly guilty of an abomination went free due to idiots handling the case, give them a call if anybody.

  • Most definitely.

    Innocent until proven guilty by jury. The jury in Florida decided, after hearing all the evidence, that she was indeed innocent. A person may think otherwise, but if they do have issue, it's with the way the justice system works. Contact the prosecutors in Florida and take issue with them.

  • Yes, Casey Anthony was proven innocent and should be left alone.

    Casey Anthony was tried in a court of law and proven innocent. The media and prosecutor did a great job outside the courtroom proving her guilty. Unfortunately for them, the prosecutor did not have sufficient evidence to present her as guilty. The justice system worked, and now it is time to move on to more important topics.

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