Should people let Zimmerman be at peace and let this case go?

Asked by: stealthmaster96
  • Innocent until proven guilty

    Look, the case is finished already, so it is time to give it up. We the people had him in court and we read the evidence, we came to the conclusion he is not guilty so it is over. What will we change by getting angry at an already settled case? It is time to move on.

  • Yes, its time to move on

    America is a nation built on the principle of being really butthurt about something and then moving on + forgetting about it the second it becomes boring or a new fad arrives. For a while it was all about getting Joseph Kony, and then sh*tting on Casey Anthony, and most recently people were being butthurt about the whole Zimmerman-Martin case. Its over, the verdict has been read, and now its time to move on and let something else completely trivial drive Americans insane.

  • You asked for justice, and you got it...

    Even if Zimmerman didn't. Don't get me wrong, the verdict was just and correct but Zimmerman should have never seen the inside of a courtroom. There are two reasons he did, and neither has a single thing to do with the evidence that was available to the police and district attorney's office.

    First is the media lynching spearheaded by NBC and their criminal editing of the 911 call to make Zimmerman look like a racist. Second is the actions taken by the city of Sanford when those closest to the case - those with the most knowledge of the events and facts surrounding it - came to the conclusion that Zimmerman's actions were justified given the evidence. So they fired two perfectly competent officers (one law enforcement, the other of the court) and replaced them with political puppets willing to do their bidding. And did they ever.

    Angela Corey, the lead prosecutor even went so far as intentionally withholding evidence that supported Zimmerman's version of the events of that night - an action that has led to an indictment against her. Http://www.Freedomwatchusa.Org/pdf/130701-scan0244.Pdf

    This case reminds me more of 1950's Mississippi than modern day America. Only this time it was a Latino who was just a little too white that was being strung up.

  • Let It Be

    Look yes it is tragic that a person is dead but can we just stop talking about it! If we really need to have justice for Trayvon then we also need justice for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. We also need to put O.J. Simpson back on trial. So let me ask you this, is te death of one worse than the death of two?

  • It is over

    Both the local authorities and the FBI concluded that it was self-defense. There simply was not enough evidence to convict him of murder. He was not caught doing anything wrong. He's not a perfect man, but there hasn't really been any evidence in his past of racial profiling. He come from a multi-ethnicity family. He once tutored minority kids (black included). This is a sad reality. A kid is dead, but Zimmerman is not a murderer.

  • It was justifiable self defense

    Zimmerman had every right to be where he was. I don't believe he was out to hurt anyone. Witnesses say there wasn't any reason for Trayvon to assault Zimmerman. Jury agreed. Those who want to ignore the results of the trial only risk corrupting the system. You might want to think about that if in the event you find yourself in need of a jury trial and the public decides they don't like the results and take the law in their own hands.

  • Even when you can't forget, forgive

    The trial is over. He was proven not guilty. That should be enough for everybody. I think it is in his favor that a jury that was mostly MOTHERS ruled not guilty. Because they were moms, they would understand and relate to the whole "he's a kid" thing. Listen, people will cause even more tragedies by not letting it go.

  • Yes they should

    Look yes it is tragic that a black teenager died but can we all just shut up about it! If youre really that concerned with justice for Trayvon Martin then you should also want justice for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Then you must think that the O.J. Simpson trial should be redone and you should go and protest O.J.'S possible parole. Let me ask you this, is the deaths of two people less tragic then the death of just one?

  • The Jury already made the decision.

    He deserves freedom from fear. The fact that people are giving him death threats and force him to wear a bullet proof vest in public only shows the incompetent sense of "justice" in our society. Confronting Travyon was an idiotic decision, but he had the right to defend himself when attacked.

  • Facts not feelings

    The jury decided he was not guilty. The prosecution wanted murder and couldn't even get manslaughter because the facts showed Zimmerman defended himself reasonably. The prosecution had to prove Zimmerman killed Martin with intent but unfortunately even some of their witnesses were helpful towards the defense. Zimmerman should be allowed to live his own life now that the case is over.

  • Zimmerman the murderer

    This is an obvious case of profiling, be it racial or anything you choose to call it. How could an innocent small sized unarmed black boy fight rounded robust old 29 yr old good for nothing profiler Zimmerman who obviously ignored police order or instruction to not follow? Racial injustice and since this case ended up the way it did, I am in support of whoever takes the law into their own hands. When will oppression of black people ever end in America, a country that deceives people by making them believe in equality? This is pure b.s., and I pray daily that Zimmerman never have peace for the rest of his life and same go for all those that exonerated him!

  • Zimmerman, yes. The case, no.

    I understand the anger, but people should let Zimmerman be at peace. There was a fair and thorough trial by jury. Right or wrong, the system works better than any other, and we have to live with what it decides. We've agreed to do that as a society, and so we should.

    As for letting the case go, no, I don't think we should. I think we should pursue the repeal of the laws that allowed this. Expansive self-defense laws that don't require someone to retreat if possible helped to allow this. Stand Your Ground laws helped to allow this. Absence of responsible gun control helped to allow this.

    If you don't like the fact that fistfights turn into justifiable murder, we need to change the law.

    So I agree that Zimmerman should be left at peace, but we should use the case to prevent it from happening again.

  • Zimmerman IS Guilty

    You can be convicted of man slaughter if you don't wash your hands before cooking and it kills someone. You can be convicted of man slaughter if you don't give someone their inhaler right away. You can be convicted of man slaughter for many many accidents that were not meant to happen. George Zimmerman killed a child after no DNA of Zimmerman being found on Martins controversial hoodie, and was let off clean. Therefore I believe that the case should not be let go.

  • Trayvon Martin didn't receive the justice he deserved.

    America shouldn't let this case go until Zimmerman is accused for killing a human being. Zimmerman refused to follow authority's orders, followed a young man in the dark, profiled him, and killed him supposedly in self defense. The judicial system did not review and fully understand the last thoughts of Martin. How would you feel if some strange man was following you in the dark in your neighbor. Innocent. Trayvon was merely using self defense for himself was shot and killed by this man! Zimmerman deserves whatever comes his way for he has lied to the courts of the United States. Zimmerman should not be peaceful for the rest of his life!

  • There wasn't enough evidence to convict him, but that doesn't mean he's innocent.

    The community in general and the police in particular should monitor Zimmerman's activities very closely. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he should know somebody is watching him. This should deter him from committing any violent felonies in the future. As a society, could we forgive ourselves if he were to one day kill another black child just because a jury wasn't able to convict him the last time?

    This post is written without prejudice and is not admissible in any court of law in the United States of America or in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • He is a murderer

    This is going to set the tone for so much more to come. This opens up the doors for "kids with guns" even to be able to say ..They felt threatened so they decided to kill them, even if the fight is over something so simple as someone dating someone elses ex girlfriend. This will only lead to more death and heartbreak

  • People have a right to say what they want...

    Short of threatening him anyway....(because we all know what happens when George gets scared) people have the right to say what they want. That's freedom of speech. If people can protest a gay marine's funeral, people can protest Zimmerman and carry on with that protest with thier hearts content. Winning in court doesn't not nor has it ever been the end all be all the realm of public opinion. Therefore people will protest, rant online against the injustice they percieve, and go on hunger strike as long as they want... Period. Is he scared? Good he should be. He has no right to go on with his life happy just because he got off on the flawed basis of Florida law. See Jim Crow Laws, Slavery laws etc... So this notion that the "law" is the end all be all in every instance is ignorant. Countless laws have been eradicated as America evolves.. The one that let him off the hook will be no different. He killed an unarmed child that he followed into the dark after being ordered to stay put in his car. It is his fault and his alone that that child is dead. Period. For that reason he is guilty and will pursued by the weight and gravity of that fact until the day he dies. On that day he and he alone will find out if that was in "God's plan". I hope he spends the rest of his life looking over his shoulder like the coward he is. That's my right to believe so and there are millions of people that agree with me... He can run all he wants we will not forgive, forget or relent.

  • Zimmerman a killer

    May Zimmerman never sees peace or tranquility for the rest of his life. This is the American justice system. To all of you who don't care that an innocent unarmed black boy was killed by this fat shapeless Spanish man, I hope someday you will experience what trayvons family experienced. Racist Americans.

  • He killed an innocent kid. That's a fact.

    How is it possible that the jury found him innocent? We know he killed a teenager. How was he standing his ground following trayvon home(stalking) while on the phone with the cops (why would you call the police about a kid walking home) and showing up in the kids front door (trespassing) is so it seems like trayvon was probably in fear for his life and therefore standing his ground too. As a16 year old kid, if someone followed me home at night while on the phone with somebody and showed up at my door, I'd probably be scared for my life too. Following trayvon was racist, and gave trayvon a reason to be scared for his life. Sure Zimmerman might have ended up having to defend himself, but it was his fault there was a fight it the first place he should have ran, not killed the innocent kid he stalked home

  • Not Guilty does not Mean Innocent

    The Not Guilty Verdict gives life to the premise now that people can get away with killing someone especially if they're a 17 year old kid.

    As long as when you shoot them you kill them you can claim self defense and be set free because the person who's dead cant tell their story. Evidence did not prove he was innocent only that he could not be found guilty of murder 2.

    George and Trayvon could not have had a confrontation if George were not out of his car because him getting out of his car happen before anything was able to escalate, he did not need to get out to find an address when
    1. He gave them his own address on the 911 call
    2. He told them just to call him and he'll tell them where to meet him
    3. The house he passed when getting out of his car had an address on it

    so the fact that America wants to sweep under the rug that none of George Zimmerman's actions lead to what happen is feeding the idea that even if your a 30 year old grown man, You don't have to be held accountable for your actions if you if you shoot and kill a minor (a teenager) when you put yourself in the situation that didn't have to be and your the older responsible adult. When your the neighborhood watch your suppose to be more responsible.

    You can claim self defense because the other person's dead there were no clear eye witnesses to the entire event so America has nothing to go on except what story George wants to give us.
    We must be aware of the message this is sending because if your dead and the person who killed you lives, they can determine what the world knows about how you really died.

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Antman036 says2013-08-02T17:44:43.007
The trial is over and we can't do anything about it. We should just move on and learn from this case
nonamenoslogan says2013-08-06T06:06:58.983
As someone who didn't have the courage to contest the charges against me after I killed someone who was attacking me, after I went to the police and reported them having attacked me, went home and was attacked again, and only then defended myself, and served 8 years in prison for defending myself, I find it outrageous that people want to further curtail our rights to defend ourselves against attackers. And in this age of crime, when someone like Zimmerman was volunteering their own time to help defend our neighborhoods to be lambasted for defending himself is ridiculous. All evidence points to the fact that Martin initiated violence. Do you know what it is like to be assaulted? I am convinced that all of Martin's defender's have no idea what it is like to have someone physically assaulting them, the terror that ensues. I believe the only thing they can see is race. And since the media said Zimmerman is white, he must be, regardless of facts, like everything else in the case.
Antman036 says2013-08-06T18:05:13.767
Even if Martin started the attack, it wasn't because he was a thug, but because he was walking in the rain at night and a guy was following him so he thought his life was in danger. Zimmerman should have gotten manslaughter because his reckless behavior caused the death of another. He was a guy who tried to do good but ended up causing a huge mess. He isn't a bad guy but he should realize that massive mistake he made.