Should people lie about their religion in order to survive a terrorist attack?

  • Although some may believe it unmoral, in a religious perspective it is forgivable.

    Peter, one of the greatest disciples whom was handed the keys to heaven, lied about his religion in order to survive.Although I believe it will be honored in heaven, if one does not die for their faith, then god will not punish them for it as he sees the impact it would have on their family and the people around them, as well as the amount of strength it would take to do so. However one dying for their religion is a sure sign of honor and his reward will be found in heaven.

  • Very easy choice.

    Lie once.
    Live to hopefully be in a position to be loyal to self and alive at the same time.

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  • People should do what they need to

    Yes, people should like about their religion in order to survive a terrorist attack. Everyone needs to whatever it takes to protect themselves and those around them in a terrorist attack. Lying about religion is one of the least harmful things they could do. However, if they choose to die for their religion, then no one should judge them.

  • Survival of the Fittest

    I think that if you have the chance to survive and the only way to do it is deny your religion, I think that's completely okay. It's all about survival of the fittest, and unfortunately that could have to do with religious genocide. The Jews in Europe during World War II had to do it to survive.

  • People should lie about everything they need to in order to survive a terrorist attack.

    If I was ever in a terrorist attack and had to lie about my religion to survive, it would simply be empty-minded of me to choose to die but "stay true to my faith." I would lie about anything I had to in order to survive an ordeal of this nature; it's just common sense.

  • It probably won't help

    Around 82% of the victims of radical Islamic terrorism were Muslim. Pretending to be Muslim likely won't save you from terrorism, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time is how most people die from terrorism. But, if you find comfort in pretending to be a different religion, feel free, I won't judge.

  • Truth Be Told

    It's a scary world out there. Terrorist attacks happening almost daily. Politicians calling for the lockout of certain groups. It may seem like an effective strategy to consider lying about one's religion just to stay safe. But really, is anyone safe? Lying about your own identity, in my opinion, only promotes the concepts of hate, disrespect, and dishonesty -- the very things that most of us abhor in the name of terrorism. If we stoop to such levels, we are allowing the terrorists to win.

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