• It's a test

    It is a good test on the relationship. It gives the couple a full understanding of what they're about to sign up for. It gives people a better idea of how responsibilities will be shared. It allows the couple to learn to act as a team. Moving out is a whole lot cheaper than a divorce if anything goes wrong, And it also makes sex much more convenient.

  • Reasons for doing it.

    A) their lives
    B) Can't afford to get married
    C) Have a child but don't love each other so staying for the child
    D) The new awakening... They are going to behave differently when you are alone together.
    E) It could be easier for transportation
    F) Already spending a lot of time together as it is
    G) Their family won't let them marry

  • Of Course -- It's a Trial Run

    Living with someone you're in a serious relationship with is very important. At this stage, if you drive each other crazy there's no messy divorce and if you do decide to get married it should make for a smooth transition because you are already aware of each others habits, routines, etc. It's a good trial run to share finances -- splitting rent and utilities, groceries, sharing each others space and things and seeing how it works. Some couples are great together until they move in together.

  • If they want to

    With this question, my opinion is that if people want to live together before marriage, then they should. It helps see how the other person acts in day to day activities and can help someone tell whether they are truly compatible with their future partner. I don't think it should be required in any way, but it doesn't hurt the relationship.

  • Yes, people should live together before marriage.

    Yes, I believe that people should live together before marriage. Many religions state that living together before marriage and not being chaste is a sin, but in reality, it could help couples save a lot of time and heartache. When people get married, they often learn after the fact that the cannot get along with and live with their spouse. The marriage rate in the U.S. is close to 50% right now, and if couples started to live together before marriage, they would get an idea of whether or not they can spend the rest of their life with their current partners.

  • Probably

    It gives the people a better idea of what they're signing up for if they're already accustomed to sharing a space with one another, and could prevent some doomed marriages from happening. It of course should not be a requirement for marriage because enforcing something like this would be outright idiotic, but it's certainly something I'd advise people do.

  • Couples should not live together before marriage.

    Yes it may be convenient for the couple who spends a lot of time together and yes it may be cheaper but you can learn everything you need to know about someone without living with them. The "trial run" excuse is just people being naive and trying to give them a reason to stay. If you don't like how the person is acting and if you don't think you'll be able to live with that person just by how they act when you are together, then you probably should not be getting married. My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 months and in those 10 months I have learned a lot about how he lives. He is messy, does not do dishes, does not do his laundry like I do, and does not clean. I learned all of that without ever living with him or staying the night. I also have learned that he is a hard worker, will help you when you need him to, is determined, compassionate, kind, loving, and an all around good person. Again, I learned all of this without living with him. Cohabiting before marriage leads to higher rates of divorce, abuse, and forced marriages. IF you want you relationship to last, don't live together before you get married.

  • Defeats the purpose of marriage

    Marriage is a sacred thing and part of it is working through difficulties while also going through joys of learning out each other more and sharing memories. The symbol of a white dress is purity. My husband and I only knew each other for a month before we got married and we have been happily married for over 42 years. When something breaks you fix it, not abandon it.

  • A bad idea

    Some people think that living together before getting married is a chance they can know each other, and do not have problem about sex, other relationships than they do not. However, in my opinion, i do not disagree that if we have a serious relationship. We will know how to keep and care that relationship, we can help together to keep it. Sex or finance or other is not a problem after marriage if boy and girl and share their owned opinion together in order to understanding more.

  • Too many problems

    Living together benefits the man more than the woman and she's just giving a man an easy way out if things don't work and it complicates things more when children are involved. Not to mention a lot of those legal documents that couples sign are not fully admissible in a court of law and often times won't hold up in court. The only thing a woman will be able to get is child support if there's children involved. Other than that she's SOL on everything else. So ladies if you want to throw away years of your life for someone go right ahead and move in with him. Also living together increases the chance of infidelity because that man is not legally married to you so in a nutshell he by legal terms is single. You're less likely to marry when living together and it also makes people think that you're wasting years of your life with that person who won't even consider making you his wife. If you're good enough to sleep with, have kids, and live together then you're good enough to marry.

  • Commitment IS the Glue

    I am married 29 years. I am still learning about how to live with my spouse! I don't think that many people living together REALLY know each other because they are still trying to impress each other so that they can gain the commitment they long for. I believe that there will be things about any person that will "drive you crazy" but when there is commitment you work through those things. When you realize the gem you have in a committed love you will have realized that you have true love. I believe that my love for my husband and his for me has become deeper because of the crazy stuff we've had to wade through together...And we are still together...And we know that neither of us is going anywhere. We could have walked out many times. But we are committed to each other, we honour our vows, and so we are committed to working through our difficulties. It has been an awesome ride! I have been diagnosed with RA. I know my man will be with me because he has seen me at my worst before and he has stayed. Relationships are about giving...Not getting. If more people realized that, there would be many fewer divorces. Commitment...An old fashioned word, maybe...But it is worth its weight in gold.

  • People should not live together prior to marriage.

    People should not live together before they are married. Living together, without the agenda of getting married, shows that the couple is trying things out and, therefore, are not fully committed to each other. Research has proven that couples who live together prior to marriage are more likely to end in divorce. The committment simply is not there.

  • Not a Good Idea

    No, people should not live together before marriage. Two people who have fallen in love and decided they want to spend their lives together should start making wedding plans. Moving in together before marriage is not a good idea. A young couple needs to get married and learn each other’s habits and idiosyncrasies while they are still new and in love – they need to learn and grow together. When couples move in together before marriage, the thought is always in the back of their minds that it’s ok if it doesn’t work out. Once a couple has exchanged marriage vows, it gives the union a feeling of permanence and couples are more inclined to put more effort into making it work.

  • No, people should not live together before marriage.

    It is true that once people live together, most of them will find each others shortcomings, which are not easily noticed no matter how much they love each other. Therefore, many marriage comes to end because of this problem. However, if people live together some time before marriage to find out they are right for each other to enter into marriage, they are more freely to break up for less serious matter and then will be at risk of not finding real partner which could be earned through bearing each other with not only love but endurance.

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