Should people make a petition to ban McDonald's?

Asked by: Adam2
  • McDonald's is a parasitic organization

    Ruining everything good about society. It makes you dumber first of all. There's no benefit from this. It's garbage. I don't understand why liberals want to go against businesses that are truer and enrich our society (such as oil companies and Wall Street). Why not go against bummy, scumbag companies like McDonald's. Liberals sure go against corporations when it goes their beliefs. But if it's something they love, such as McD's, they sure have no problem endorsing them.

  • McDonald’s sucks the life out of you in more ways then one

    There’s better alternatives to McDonald’s healthier options like burgerfi you don’t have to give up the meat just a wiser more environmentally friendly decisions everyone wins all around and it’s not that much more expensive than McDonald’s a few bucks what’s more important your health and families well being or cash it’s a Start for change on the planet and all it’s inhabitants get rid of the clown mickey ds another big corporation that’s not a free economy or trade a monopoly on addictive taste buds

  • Absolutely we should ban Mcdonalds

    I have been to McDonald's many times for like a vacation trip and every time i go it sucks. McDonald's may be tasty for some people but I say lets ban them. Also McDonald's sells unhealthy foods which can lead to health problems. Maybe if they wont ban this crappy place then they should maybe make some healthier foods.

  • Mcdonalds Is Bad

    Their food is likely paid off to pass FDA approval, lord knows its not healthy, in fact their "food" a simple mcdouble does not decompose, Iceland has had a livefeed of their last mcburger and its been on display for over 8 years in the same state as when it was placed on display with zero decomposition. Americans should not have this available as an option for consumption. We are better than this. Ban McCancer erm McDonalds. It costs us more in the long run with medical costs and obesity offset keeping them around. Their corporation is terrible as well they dont treat workers well and havnt raised the wage since the 70s when it was federally mandated.
    Its a crap company that makes for crap people and is crap for the economy

  • Mcdonald's food is Fake.

    What you all don't know is that mcdonalds is not real food. Since people are so greedy, they want to spend the least money. So instead of using fresh beef and potatoes, they use fake stuff. Also, they could use heatlamps and have your food heated and pre made instead of fresh stuff. I would rather heve a fresh and good burger than a crappy burger and fries. Also, things in their food can probably make you sick, diheria, or food poisining if you eat too much.

  • Pink Slime problem TBHQ stuff as well

    Pink slime, Ammonia, is a common ingredient in the beef meat to induce flavor. Ammonia is a POISON. We are eating something that
    kills us. They said they would stop using it, but NO, they keep using it in their products. Now for TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone).
    TBHQ is used in all of their food. TBHQ is a chemical preservative that is so deadly that just five grams is fatal? One gram of TBHQ can cause nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation, and collapse. We should ban mcdonalds FOR SURE. Like if you agree. The people who disagree are automatically fat. At the least, remove the chemicals and stuff from the food.

  • McDonalds is disgusting

    Recently watched a video of baby chicks being shredded ALIVE to make chicken nuggets. This is literally sickening. I felt like I was going to throw up, these chicks have lives. Plus McDonads probably do a lot worse or as bad as this. I would like to ban McDonalds and stop animal cruelty!!!

  • Mcdonald's is not real food

    First of all, all the foods on their menu is not even real. Their chicken nuggets at pink not food chemicals covered with chicken skin. That is not what I call food. Just because you really like this fast food restaurant and you want to support it, that doesn't mean that mcdonalds is healthy

  • What kind of fascist nation do we want to become?

    This nation is one based on the tenets of freedom- trying to regulate what people can and cannot eat is absolutely ridiculous. Don't like McDonald's? Don't eat there. Vote with your dollars- that's how capitalism works.
    This ludicrous tendency for people to want a nanny state lately is bizarre- do you really want to live in a nation where you are told what to eat or drink? What's next, what to wear? Do we all get identical gray jumpsuits?

  • Not unless all fast food is banned

    Macdonalds are in fact one restaurant chain that are aiming to improve their health standards. Kiljoule content is printed on all their menus and they are working hard to offer healthier options. They also employ a great. Amount of young people. There are much worse fast foods which should be banned first.

  • McDonald's Should Not be Banned

    People like to argue that McDonald's is unhealthy. This is true, but no one is likely to point a gun to your face and force you to eat a Big Mac. It is the choice of the consumer to spend their money at McDonald's, as well as other fast food restaurants. And while it is unhealthy, it is not toxic. It won't usually kill anyone, and healthy people sometimes eat fast food as well. Excess consumption of fast food is the problem, not an occasional Big Mac. Then again, it is a person's choice. It doesn't violate anyone else's rights for you to eat a McDonald's burger, and it is not addictive like illegal drugs.
    As for their policies, McDonald's has supported the GLBT movement in the past. It is their right to do so, provided customers know the money is being spent on this. However, if McDonald's spends its money on this, then Chick-Fil-A, which spends money on organizations that support the heterosexual nuclear family, should not be banned either, because they also have a right to do what they do.

  • Even if we did.....

    McDonalds is a HUGE franchise. You really think a petition is going to stop McDonalds? McDonald's runs the fast food industry. McDonalds is all over the world. Even if we did try what would be the reason? Because the food is unhealthy? It's not forced upon someone to eat there. Yes the food is unhealthy I'll admit that. You'll be just wasting your time trying to petition McDonalds.

  • A free market society

    Although people constantly talk about how bad McDonalds is and how they are causing all this unhealthiness, those are unfair points. Mcdonalds is just like any other fast food company, they might be unhealthy and what they make the food out of is pretty gross, but you always have a choice whether to eat there or not. Also theres the fact that McDonalds provides tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs(Not Sure but by the amount of McDonalds there are i'm sure that's a good estimate) keeping unemployment low. Not the best paying, but it will get you through the year. Also the United States is a free market society and the Government can't shut down McDonalds unless they are breaking a ton of health laws ( Wouldn't doubt it) but the government will never be able to prove it.

  • Why it Mcdonald shouldn’t be banned

    Why I am doing this is because some people are generous and give Mcdonald to homeless people plus Mcdonald work hard to help charity and 365, 000 people work at Mcdonald and if they loose there jobs, They won’t be able to stay home for a while but instead they haft to work hard to be where they were before.

  • I don't think McDonalds should be banned, but should be forced to remove chemicals, preservatives, and other foods that are not the product

    It is Unhealthy and causes health problems, so since so many people rely on McDonalds, they should just remove all the unhealty stuff so that people don't get sick or have health problems. Also, some people are grossed out by all the stuff not needed in their food. I am grossed out.

  • No, people should not make a petition to ban McDonald's.

    I believe that people should not make a petition to ban McDonald's. It is a ridiculous idea. McDonald's is so popular. Yes, it serves fast food that is cheap and generally not good for you. But they also serve healthy food, such as salads and cereal for breakfast. Eating there is a choice. So if people don't like McDonald's, they should just choose to not eat there, not try to ban the place.

  • McDonald's doesn't inherently make you fat

    People choose to eat excessive amounts of McDonalds and get major health issues- it's not the restaurants fault it's their own. Blaming McDonald's for getting fat is like blaming Hooters for your husband liking large breasts. McDonald's employs hundreds of thousands of people and it's a great place to get your first job. All those employees would loose their jobs if McDonald's was banned. And many people would be upset for unnecessary reasons. Any service that most people are happy with should not be banned, perhaps just regulated.

  • Respond to free will

    I believe that if a company (mcdonalds) can come up with a product that the consumer wants to purchase a free market society (united states) should let them. We as a people have our own choice for what we put into our body and if we so choose to pick mcdonalds then let the fat get fatter and the unhealthy get unhealthier.

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*When it goes against their beliefs, I mean