Should people make fun of other people's religions?

  • You are allowed to have an opinion.

    As Ricky Gervais once said, “Everyone is allowed to have a religion, And everyone else is allowed to find it ridiculous. ” Everyone has their opinions and beliefs. And everyone has the right to find said belief ridiculous. So HELL YEAH! Make fun of their religion! Just don’t make fun of the person, That’s a totally different thing. You can respect someone without respecting their religion.

  • Laugh right in their face!

    If it's ridiculous then it deserves to be ridiculed.
    Religions have exploited weak & vulnerable people for all of human history & those in charge will desperately try to cling on to their abusive power by suppressing question.
    99% of their BS has been disproved by scientific advances, So now they're trying the 'our god will make you wealthy' route.

  • 2 words: Hell Yeah!

    I'd say that if we can make fun of political beliefs, personal identities, attraction to certain genders, and hobbies, it's fair game to make fun of religion. Sure, it might be offensive, but keep in mind that the person telling the joke is very likely meaning no harm. The jokes are merely meant for shock value and surprise. The statements being wrong is what makes them funny.

  • Why should people not make fun?

    Well other people have different believes. People are different and come from different religions. It doesn't matter if someone is different from you. Not everyone has the same believes. How would you feel if someone was making fun of you? Well everyone knows you will be disappointed! So be nice and respect others believes and religion!

  • Why would you

    Here is the main question why would anyone want to make fun of the thing they are supported by they can’t change when born Jewish you will always be Jewish but here is the thing welcome to the 21 st century all anyone wants to do is bully I should know everyone bully’s me

  • Disrespect will not help humanity in any way and more likely than not, hurt it.

    Religious beliefs underpin a persons concept of reality and orients their moral 'compass'. That said if one truly feels that someone is clinging to an incorrect believe it seems reasonable to expect courtesy and respect to be present during the process of remedying an incorrect belief- not only as a basic human decency but also to maximize one's likelihood of successfully changing a person's mind as well as minimizing the negative associations incurred with the point of view one is trying to promote. "Making fun of" is akin to ridicule and is neither respectful or courteous. Any person using ridicule to promote their ideas is doing their very ideas a significant disservice by associating a bad attitude with it.

  • But people are in their rights to do so

    I say it's not right to make fun of religion, but as part of freedom of speech it's only fair to let people say what they want. As long as they're not physically threatening others and wanting to do real harm to people, then yeah. So I believe no, but allow people to do it.

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