Should people make Opinions for the sole purpose of pontificating?

Asked by: Forthelulz
  • This Question Has Me Loaded

    This question was clearly used just as a platform to project the author's views on. I think questions like this should be allowed as it allows people to state their opinion and then see who is wrong. People who disagree with the author are technically wrong, since the author has the authority to judge other people's opinions on his question. I know I am wrong in the eyes of the author, but questions like these need to be allowed.

    This reminds of a story I tell to teenagers younger than me. I was actually walking through the forest with my dog when we came across a pile of junk and litter that someone left by the side of the path. Being the responsible citizen I am, I picked up the some of the litter and placed it into the bag I use to pick up my dog's feces. So there I was with a bag full of junk walking my dog thinking to myself, I am such a great citizen; I am the protector of nature! Then my dog decided to take a massive **** in the middle of the path. It was awfully bad and actually looked like diarrhea. It must have been from some of the plants he nibbled on. I reached into my pocket for the bag I use to clean up after my dog, and then it dawned on me. I was holding that bag and it was full of trash. What am I going to do with this pile of feces? And what am I going to do about that steaming pile of liquid **** right in the middle of this walkway? I tell that story to teens younger than me to teach them a lesson about the importance of making choices.

  • Guys, it's annoying.

    Opinion questions deliberately loaded towards one side, or using an "If X and Y, Z" thing, are annoying to me because the way it's phrased makes it a set-up for the one guy's opinion. This one wouldn't count, because I'm mad at a very specific activity, and am asking whether people should do it. I'm then answering my own question because I, actually, did get mad enough at it to pontificate on why you shouldn't do it, on the grounds of "loaded questions and fallacies".

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