• All people should be given the right to vote

    The right to vote is a fundamental need for the populous of a democracy. Regardless of stereotypes that you may have about people of various ages, "children" are people too. It has been proven time and time again that it is unethical to discriminate against a people based on an external characteristic or a statistic pertaining to the people baring the said external characteristic, i.e. children may be statistically likely to be irresponsible, unintelligent, etc., but this is not true of all children. Likewise, women are statistically physically weaker than men, but it's still sexist to assume that of all women, much less deprive them of their rights for it.

  • All people should have a democratic voice.

    The right to vote is one of the key essentials in order for a true democracy and regardless of stereotypes, all people should have a right to translate their political opinions into suffrage. If people are too young to understand politics, the democracy is flawed and only a few can listen to the grievances of the government. Why not let elementary kids the right to vote? Every person has entitled to every right, and we want it now.

  • Everyone has rights

    Everyone of all age should be able to vote because children are people as well and they have opinions. It is wrong to discriminate a person based on external characteristics. The right of voting is a key essential for a true democracy. Everyone should have their right to speak their political opinions.

  • Everyone has rights

    Everyone of all age should be able to vote because children are people as well and they have opinions. It is wrong to discriminate a person based on external characteristics. The right of voting is a key essential for a true democracy. Everyone should have their right to speak their political opinions.

  • Plenty of young people don't understand political issues.

    And I don't mean it like "these socialists think everything is free!"
    When I was younger I didn't even know what the gold standard was, or what a transgender person was, or the concept of gay people. There are just somethings we aren't exposed to while we are young, and therefore we have no place in commenting about.
    It is not a matter of "discrimination". There are some things that children literally cannot understand until they get older. There are still some things I don't understand because I haven't personally been exposed to them (like salary taxes, or college debt.) I have the right to discuss and form opinions on them, but I know I shouldn't vote until I am ready to.

  • No some kids are way to young

    I volunteer at a summer camp and kids like to talk about politics for some reason and their main arguments are always "BERNIE SANDERS WANTS TO SHARE WITH EVERY ONE" and they live in this fake world where they think everything is free because their parents provided them everything up to the point when they are responsible and actually know what reality is.

  • They're Way Too Young

    The kids in this society are incredibly persuaded to vote for someone. Their parents play a huge role in this because their parents have already decided what their political views are, so they will try to put those political views into their children. Their friends can also persuade them to support a candidate, eliminating any opinion the kids have. Also, it is incredibly stupid to bring a five year old kid to a voting booth, because they don't know what is going on, and they don't know anything about the people running, so they will have to follow their parent's political views.

  • Donald Trump LOL

    Many children talked about Trump negatively. Yes he has done stupid things, but it's not like he's as stupid as a pig or something. So I think the policy right now is good. Also do you think kids are going to take voting seriously? They still live the same life no matter who is in charge.

  • Wait, this is serious?

    Hell yeah I'll take my infant son to vote my favorite candidate into office!!

    Come on now guys, there's psychological evidence proving that the brain isn't fully developed and finished with its growth until age 25, so 18 is pretty farfetched for psychological purposes of voting. People are so ignorant nowadays to the world around them and the politics happening. They allow their advertisement corporations and their HEAVILY POLITICALLY BIASED tv shows alter their grasp on reality. Don't be stupid please, we don't need ignorant, uneducated, easily persuaded minds picking who our leaders should be.

  • Should people of all ages be allowed to vote? Not yet.

    There has been an age limit restriction on voting for quite a long time for numerous reasons. Younger ages have a limited understanding towards political issues and can be easily influenced to vote by (for example) distribution of free lollies or television commercials with teddy bears.

    As adults, we hold experience in regard to these issues. Some of us have experienced hard times with money or family, and others appreciate political parties which hold a soft spot for charities.

    Children will have their time when they prove themselves to be mature enough to understand all the issues and points which political parties hold to the public.

  • Voting age could definitely be lowered by a few years, but "all ages," including small children, is ridiculous.

    I don't necessarily support lowering the voting age, but making it 17 or 16 is understandable, as many teens in that age category can be educated about politics. But repealing the voting age altogether is just plain ridiculous. The vast majority of kids under 8 don't even know what voting or politics is, how do we expect them to make an informed decision that could affect the entire country. Even most kids 9-13 just aren't able to make an informed political decision. And how do you explain infants or toddlers? The whole idea is ludicrous.

    Also, the way parents could take advantage of this is scary. You could convince a kid of pretty much anything, and that gives parents the ability to essentially get extra votes via their kids. That is just pure undemocratic, and gives an unfair advantage to parents over childless people.
    This is why I believe that people of all ages should not be allowed to vote.

  • As Socrates said, a democracy is only as good as its education system

    If the education of the individual is limited, then they shouldn't have a voice. This is evident in the idea of maturity, as a child of the age of 6 has not grown as much as a man of the age of 30. Whereas it may not represent children truly, to allow children to make decisions for themselves is the same as leaving themselves out. In finality, to let the uneducated make any decisions will lead to a horrid government.

  • Extra votes for parents

    It would be so easy for the parents to tell their kids who to vote for. Maybe once they are teenagers some of them would vote differently, but even then many wouldn't understand the issues and would just be rebelling or following peer pressure.

    I remember in elementary school a girl told me that she hated Bill Clinton because he invented "the killing baby stuff". So parents already exaggerate and distort facts if they think it will get their kids to agree with their politics. That would become even worse if kids could vote.

  • Voting for "all ages" would be the death of a Country

    By saying you believe people of all ages should vote, you are stating you believe newborns, and toddlers should be able to vote. I genuinely hope no one supports that. Most kids don't even fully understand politics until they are in high school. And kids that age are going through a lot of changes and don't fully understand the world yet. 18 is a good age for voting.

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