Should people on welfare be ashamed to receive it?

Asked by: blackkid
  • Shame is beneficial

    There are three basic reasons people are on welfare.
    1) Some people choose not to work, even though they could, and they do not mind enslaving the rest of us to support them.

    2) Some people can and do work, but want a better standard of living than they earn, and they do not mind enslaving the rest of us to improve their standard of living, even though it lowers ours.

    3) Some people have hit truly hard times, and do not want to enslave the rest of us, but they need the help to get by. Most of these people have every intention of being on public assistance only temporarily, just until they can accomplish the practical requirements for self-sufficiency.

    In cases 1 and 2, I think it should be clear that the selfishness is what should cause the shame. It is a pity that so many in these groups shamelessly, and with no intention to give back, take from those of us who work.

    In case 3, the reason for the shame is that these are people who want to be self-sufficient, but have failed at it. That failure is the reason for the shame. Moreover, others are paying the price for their failure, and they know it. This shame is absolutely a beneficial thing for all concerned. That shame is what keeps them from becoming the people described in groups 1 and 2.

    I know it is not popular in our schools or many other venues of our feel-good society, but the pain associated with failure is healthy for the individual and for the society of which that individual is a part. That shame and painful sense of failure is what spurs us to keep trying when the things to which we aspire seem too difficult or unattainable.

    Absolutely self-sufficiency can be very difficult for some of us sometimes, and absolutely we are often tempted to be too picky about what we do to pull our own weight; we do not want to be night janitors or burger-flippers, etc.. We do not want to work three jobs. It is the shame of being on welfare that counteracts the pride, and helps us take the necessary first steps toward regaining our self-sufficiency.

  • Welfare is a waste of money

    Welfare is like burning money. Millions people are homeless but most are not lazy-assholes abusing the system. The ones who are usually are on it capable of working never look for jobs and stay at home watching tv or playing video games. I've ask homeless how they feel about welfare and they said they would rather stay homeless than sink that low

  • Welfare is for the People:

    Instead of talking about the moral character of a person on welfare I want to discuss whether welfare is something really that should carry a negative stigma. I do not think it should. The idea behind welfare is to help and ultimately to expedite people getting back on their feet but the stigma is so heavy over the concept worldwide that it is questionable how this double-standard manages to exist. If you take welfare and you get out of your troubles you are still seen as weak however if you persist in your troubles and refuse welfare you're "a fighter"; the more Capitalist the country the more prevalent this thought so while it is indeed around the world to some degree I'm making a clearer reference to major capitalist countries about the stigma.

    What do you think?

  • Not at all!

    Welfare is given by those who are truly generous and sincerely want to do something good for once! It is completely natural for some of us to be better off than others, and welfare is helping to balance out the difference. When you are doing well, perhaps you could pass on the good deed and do the same to someone else.

  • No I Am Not Ashamed, I Have Compassion

    Not everybody is in a great situation, a lot of people have hit hard times or are too psychically or mentally ill to be able to hold down a job or other. Not everybody is married or wants to get married, and not on everyone on public assistance chooses to have kids. Some people really cannot take care of themselves psychically, mentally, or financially. There a lot of single mom's out there, orphans, people living with psychical mental/ special needs who need it. Some people have been in and out of hospitals, institutionalized, overlooked, etc. There are some people who really do have it bad in every way imaginable and are not drug addicts/or alcoholics.

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