• Tax payers shouldn't have to support someone's substance habit and other matters.

    Me and my husband both work. I would hate to find out that our tax money was being used to support someone's habit. Also, we get drug tested on our jobs, they should be drug tested when applying for government assistance. If they use the excuse that it goes against their rights as Americans then we should have the right to say that to our employers. Yes, drug testing for welfare applicants. ABSOLUTELY!

  • Its not fair that the military and most jobs require drug testing but welfare does not

    There are several people that I know that abuse welfare and suck it all in just to be nothing and do nothing with their lives. There are also several people who don't do that and do the complete opposite like I did a few years ago when I was on it. I used it to help me get on my feet and when I was I told them I didn't NEED it anymore. Its a government assistance program and just like the military is government they have to be drug tested. If you are on it for the right reasons there shouldn't be an issue to get drug tested therefore yes it should be mandatory for all welfare assistance to get drug tested.

  • Of course they should!

    I personally know of at least three people who sell their food stamps to get money for alcohol or drugs instead of feeding their children like they are supposed to. Why should my husband and I have to pee in a cup for those to get our tax money and them not have to?

  • If you are receiving public assistance you should not be spending the money given to you for food and shelter on drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

    It should be a crime to use tax payer funds to buy drugs, alcohol or tobacco products, this is a show of good will towards people that need help getting themselves in becoming self sufficient, it is very insulting to the working public that pay the taxes that support these people, when you have people abusing the system for gain and not because of necessity.

  • Yes, no doubt.

    I work a lot and my job drug tests. I work hard for my money, its not free. Nothing comes free. Why shouldn't people on welfare not be tested? I do not understand how someone on welfare can sit here and complain about something like this. You are getting the help you need and you should be clean.

  • Welfare receivers should be drug tested

    I think that you should be drug tested while on welfare, just because many people are working their butts off trying to make a living while actually WORKING, and then you have those who aren't working and get everything from the government. If the government is helping them, the least they could possibly do is stay drug free. If they think they should be on drugs, they shouldn't be getting government help. If they can afford getting drugs, they can afford buying everything for themselves without getting help from the government. If you have enough time to sit around, do drugs, let the government do anything for you, then you definitely have time to go out and try to get a job!

  • I take one for a job, why shouldn't you?

    If I need to take a drug test to get a job and to receive my paycheck why shouldn't the people on welfare? I work hard for my money and I don't feel my tax dollars should go to someone on welfare that sits at home doing drugs and not even trying to find a job. I am not saying everyone on welfare is doing drugs because they aren't but the ones who are are just wasting america's tax dollars.

  • Yes to drug tests!

    Tax payers money should not be used to fund a drug habit, period. Anyone receiving government funds need to show that they are trying to do everything possible to reverse the situation that got them into this mess. If they can't pass a simple drug test, then why should they get free money for the basics?

  • No doubt!

    Why should my tax money go to someone who will be going out to spend it on drugs? Only people who really need it should be on it, not some meth head. Some people need it and people are just abusing the system! They should be drug tested so that way we are sure that welfare is being used to help.

  • Definitely! Absolutely! Agreed!

    It is only right that people who are getting free money from the government get tested to make sure they are law abiding citizens. Bad actions don't deserve handouts. Anyone who can go out and get drugs should be able to go out and get a job. Everyone is given an opportunity to make a good living. It's not fair to people who earn their money that unemployed people can buy substances that are pretty much illegal.

  • Marijuana is cheaper than the alternatives

    People on welfare are expected to be active in seeking employment, however they are still just that: people. People have needs, and one of those needs is the need for recreation. Many illicit drugs, and marijuana in particular, can be cheaper and less socially damaging than alcohol abuse or going out to eat, or going to the movies, or buying and driving expensive cars. If the goal is to ensure the most positive outcome, we should be encouraging those on welfare to live as frugally as possible, and that means ENCOURAGING non-addictive drug use as the recreation of choice. People can only spend so much of their day looking for jobs.

  • I believe the tests should be drug specific to every drug besides marijuana (medicinal use), then they should lose the right for welfare.

    I don't mind pitching money from my taxes to help people that need financial assistance, but I am not assisting a poor druggie. There is enough proof to me that you cant trust anyone on any drug stronger (more addictive) than marijuana. And in some cases marijuana but not enough to rule out all marijuana users. (I'm only including marijuana because cocaine and other drugs are positively illegal, not partially illegal like marijuana)

  • None your business

    Whether or not an individual's choice to use certain substances may or may not have certain consequences is not related to whether they consume illegal drugs...

    All this does is lets society put drug users in a category where they are denied rights given to others and are treated as second class citizens

  • Not Cost Effective

    So far this has not proven cost-effective. Furthermore, they will just spend money on drugs that can't be tested for. No drug test can detect LSD except for a spinal tap and that will never pass in law as that isn't even used during parole due to the medical risks of doing a spinal tap. There is also synthetic cannabis alternatives to marijuana. Add to that the hypocrisy of letting them drink and smoke cigarettes while banning them from smoking cannabis. Then, again I suppose one could call for a drug testing policy that also tests for alcohol and cigarettes. But I have a better idea. Welfare recipients should have no money, none that they can spend independently. They should be given a certain "allowance" put into a plastic card which then can only be used to buy approved items, i.E. Basic necessities and those items which will help the person on welfare towards employment or an education. That's it, that is all they should get. Then if their friend wants to share weed or what ever with them I don't care just as long as I'm not paying for it.

  • It is an unlawful search.

    I thought that Americans were protected from unlawful searches of their property. A cop can't just walk into your house and start going through your stuff, why should the state be allowed to monitor what you put into your own body? Unless someone calls on you or you are arrested while you're on assistance, I don't see where probable cause to search can be found.

  • Who is going to pay for it.

    People want all this money spent to drug test a welfare receipt. This will probably only get less than 1% of the recipients. Seems like a huge waste of time and money. We are already operating at a huge deficit. I don't think the people voting yes have thought the cost vs reward part of this through.

  • We need to fix the poverty to fix the drugs.

    I understand where the idea comes in to drug-test welfare recipients but we are not bothering to look at why people do the drugs. Why do so many people do drugs in the first place, especially in impoverished areas? Depression is one of the leading causes for a person to turn to drugs. Imagine how depressing it is living in poverty with no money and no way to provide for your family. Now before you begin making the typical comments like "well they need to just work harder and stop being lazy", you need to understand it is not always the individual's fault they have become poor. Majority of people grew up poor, raised my single parents working 2 jobs to get by, or a parent who cannot find the work and receives welfare. The education they are offered in poor communities is substandard and riddled with crime and drugs. What chance does this person have of getting a good paying job with a substandard education? Some people have a terrible experience known as "life happens" and loose everything they have and can never get back up. The cycle of poverty is vicious and can keep families there for generations. The kind of depression that comes from being poor is tremendous and can definitely lead to drug use. Drug addiction itself is extremely hard to get out of. Some also fine their way of making money through the sale of drugs to provide for themselves and their families as they literally have no other choice. Cutting people off welfare due to drug use is not going to help the situation. It will number one hurt the children who still need to be fed and cared for and number two, sink the individual into more depression, loss and hopelessness. I think they should provide free rehab programs for these individuals, along with job training, education, assistance getting a job, etc., to actually help them to get on their feet. Cutting them off will solve nothing at all. We all want to look at the "drug spending" of welfare recipients but not at other spending like mom's getting their nails done and their hair bleached ($180 each time). Shall we cut them off if their hair is dyed? I am a single mom who's been on welfare and still uses some of the welfare benefits today. I work 24 hours a weeks and attend college full time. The state pays my daycare, gives me food stamps and health insurance. I had to fight for the assistance as they were willing to give me money each month and have me look for work but once I would find a job paying $9.00 hr I would then be making too much to continue help with daycare etc. and be cut off. The welfare program is also a vicious cycle that does not help people get on their feet. I fought and fought with them and explained to them that I wanted to be self-sufficient one day and needed an education. After months of fighting them I was approved to go to school and work and they would cover my daycare. I am now on my way to receiving my Masters in Psychology and Sociology and attending a great school. I am also a recovered drug addict. Does this make me a terrible person? I turned to drugs as a teenager after being abused my whole life, living in poverty and having nothing else to turn to in my depression. The drug problem is way bigger than welfare recipients and my argument is we will NEVER fix the drug problem until we fix poverty. Thank you.

  • Too invasive and pointless to drug test

    It does not matter if people were to apply for welfare testing positive, because I believe we should stop being so judgmental based on every situation a person goes through in their everyday life. Most people rely on marijuana to calm themselves just like alcohol. Even if we were drug tested, people know how to sabatoge them to make them test negative Example: Mouthwash if you know your gonna get tested when applying... Or... Go 30 days drug free, apply, get approved, then relapse all due to DRUG ADDICTION. Again there is no point!

  • Because it hurts children.. And it costs more tax dollars than it saves to drug test them

    It has been proven that trying to save your tax dollars this way is couterproductive (costs more to www.Miamiherald.Com/2012/04/20/2758871/floridas-welfare-drug-tests-cost.Html

    and it hurts children...
    Mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients is opposed by the American Public Health Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors. Denying access to public benefits is especially devastating for people who’ve sought help for their addiction but must wait for several months for a spot to open up in a state treatment facility.

  • No - it's just not necessary

    Many of the people on welfare have mental illness problems and use drugs to self-medicate. Some have been on drugs so long that they are deeply addicted, and for them quitting to save their benefits is not a simple choice. If we institute drug testing, all we are doing is making their lives worse while driving up the homeless problem and exacerbating crime. These people need help and they need rehabilitation programs. With that they can rehabilitate and perhaps one day become job-holding taxpayers. By yanking their welfare, all we are doing is making their problems worse and insuring they will never get better.

    Drug testing is expensive and invasive. Do we really want to spend that much social welfare money on testing rather than on helping people? What happens to the children living with parents that use drugs, what happens when whole families go homeless?

    If we're going to drug test welfare recipients, why not test all people who hold down jobs? After all, there is an argument to be made that job holders on drugs might be more detrimental to society -- who wants a bus driver high on meth trying to navigate streets at rush hour? Or why not drug test all politicians? I'll tell you why: because the truth is, there is such a thing as responsible drug use. And if we test everybody, the net result won't be a better society, it will be more people with ruined lives after they lose their only source of income.

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Anonymous says2013-04-25T19:53:03
Florida tested everyone on welfare and 96% were drug free and in the process they lost a lot of money.