Should people on welfare be required to try to find a job?

  • Yes, people on welfare should be required to find a job.

    Unless they have written proof their doctor and medical reports that they are unable to work most jobs the people who are on welfare should be actively looking for a job. The system should require them to regularly provide job application they have handed in and where they have applied (along with proof).

    Also, some of those who are disabled are still able to work and there should be a system within the welfare system that helps them find such jobs.

    When a person applies for welfare they should have 6 months to 1 year to find a job, if they fail to do so their welfare should be cut after 3 warnings.

  • To keep the American dream alive

    If people aren't required to get a job and support themselves, the economy crumbles. Jobs go foreign, and people stop trying. The america dream dies, and the will to succeed gets destroyed. People need the drive to get a job and succeed, and even if it is not personal, but law enforced, then so be it. At least they will contribute to America positively by getting a job, regardless if they want to.

  • Obviously there are exceptions

    Any one who is of able mind and body should have to work, how ridiculous that we work and give money to the system, only for it to be used so someone who doesn't want to work, isn't required to. To the opposed, OBVIOUSLY those who are disabled won't be required to work jobs they are unfit for, however there are a plethora of programs that help disabled people find jobs and learn career skills which is terrific for them and society!

  • Welfare is not a log term solution.

    People on welfare or food stamps should be required to be actively looking for a job. This should be a require where they have to log weekly reports on interviews and applications submit. If you do not log in these reports, your welfare should be cut. Welfare is support to be a short term solution not a long term one.

  • People on welfare should be required to try to find a job.O.

    People on welfare should be required to try to find a job.One on the basic tenets of our society is the American work ethic so those on welfare should at least be required to try to find a job.This way if at all possible they are able to contribute to society in a meaningful way instead of just being a burden.

  • Welfare is a temporary for fix for a permenant problem

    Yes, people on welfare should be required to find employment. The purpose of welfare is to help a family during hard times, it is not program to support families permanently. Recipients should be required, just like unemployment, to continue to actively looking for employment. The system is broken because once the person is in they can coast until the next time they have to renew their benefits.

  • Unless You're Disabled

    The unemployment rate is still around 7 percent nationally. However, places like McDonald's and Wal-Mart hire people all the time. The problem with welfare recipients is that they get more money from the government than they would make at a minimum wage job. The only way to solve the problem is to decrease welfare or raise the minimum wage. Otherwise, there will be some citizens perfectly capable of earning a living who simply stay on welfare their entire lives. These aren't the principles upon which America was founded. The colonists didn't wait for a handout from King George III--they took matters into their own hands. There are plenty of jobs, just no one is motivated to go out and get them.

  • People on welfare should be required to find a job.

    People on welfare should be required to find a job. When people are asking for a hand out from the government, they should be putting in as much effort as they possibly can to make sure they do not have to ask for a hand out ever again. This means that they should look for a job while they are on government assistance.

  • No. Those that work should support those that don't.

    What about the people living off the system their whole lives? They are obviously not going to work when they can collect benefits without having to work. I don't think it's too much to ask for those people who go to work every day, to give a portion of that money to those that don't want to work. The workers should at least pay for housing, food, health care, cell phones, computers, and a monthly allowance for those that don't work.

  • Job Searches Should Be Required For Those On Welfare

    The welfare system has changed quite a bit since the 1990's, when it was common to have so called, "welfare queens." The abuse of the welfare system has been almost eliminated, however, those people who are seeking welfare assistance due to a lack of work, should, of course be required to seek employment. Unfortunately, most people who receive funds for assistance already have jobs.

  • Welfare is given for different reasons

    Just because a person is on welfare, does not mean that they are able currently to find a job. Welfare has a bad connotation as a group of people who are lazy and want to live off of the government. However, there are some people who are unable to work and still need support.

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