• If they can physically work.

    If someone is on welfare because they disabled or can not physically work, then that's a different situation. However, if one is on welfare because they refuse to work, then yes, eventually, they should be forced to get a job. They should not be able to milk the system because they are too lazy.

  • People on Welfare Should Get Jobs

    It should be a requirement that people on welfare constantly seek jobs. In fact, it's best if welfare recipients actually get jobs. Then their welfare funds can be cut, and they can support themselves without government assistance. The United States spends far too much money on welfare and similar programs.

  • People On Welfare Should Have to Get Jobs

    Yes, people who use the welfare system should have to get jobs. The welfare system is in place to help people who have fallen on hard times, not to grant endless money to those who choose not to contribute to society. Thus, people who use this system should have to get jobs as soon as they can.

  • People on welfare should have to get jobs.

    People on welfare should have to get jobs. They should at least be looking for suitable employment and helping cut down on the number of people that need welfare to begin with. The government is already going to cut a lot of programs and not fund as many so I see welfare getting reduced is very likely.

  • Yes people should want to work

    Of course if the person is disabled or incapable of work than no the person should not have to work but generally speaking all should want to earn a living and pull their own weight and if they have to rely on welfare for awhile that is fine as long as they are trying to improve.

  • People should work if on welfare

    People should have to work so that they can get out of the poition there in and become able to rely on themselves, and not just the government. Many people in this world tend to cheat out the governemnt and just live on them. Also people who live on disability a lot of them just say they are hurt and can't work when actually they really can. Also people who do drugs dont really wanna work for food because they dont need to. They just live of the government like most people do today.

  • That's a No Brainer

    Yeah, people should be required to get a job unless they have a documented case or disability which does not allow them to. That goes for the elderly and handicapped. Not a single mother of six, who says she can't find a job. That's bologna and just and excuse. Welfare assistance should come with the provision of the following:
    mandatory drug testing
    scheduling job interviews and records of attending a job interview
    the money should be strictly regulated so that it can not be used by an unauthorized party or used for non-welfare items: beer, lottery tickets, cigarettes, candy, etc.
    Again, some think that welfare is supposed to be pleasant and that's not the case. It's supposed to give the bare minimum so that the person will realize how much better it would be to take care of themselves.
    Make it unpleasant and you'll have more people running for the employment office.

  • Everyone can work

    Because of the many handouts that are being given out today, these low-lives make much more money on welfare, then working a minimum wage job. Giving out so much welfare takes from the taxpayers and gives it to the lazy. It also encourages people to not work. Cut all welfare.

  • They should try

    People on welfare should at least try to find employment, so as to free up government spending and their own benefit, if nothing else, but they should not be forced to work for menial wages when they can be spending that time looking for real, honest, and well-paying work. That is what every American deserves, and it simply is not as easy to find as many make it out to be.

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