Should people over 65 automatically be taken off an organ donor list to enable more chances for younger people?

  • Believe it is unnecessary to give vital organs to those who have a shorter time left.

    Yeah this is controversial to some but we should focus on those who could get more out of the donation. Donations of vital organs are low compared to the people who need it if we can enable these organs to be put to the best of use i'd be supportive of that.

  • What if it was personal?

    Short answer here: what if it was your grandmother, grandfather, mother or father and no organ transplant would mean a death sentence for them. Would you still be so hasty with your response? Sorry but I doubt you thought this true. 65 is not an age to decide if someone deserves to live longer or not. No age is a limit to do that.

  • We All Have The Same Rights As Eachother

    If You And That Old Person (Sorry For Using 'Old') Have The Same Right To Eat, The Same Right To Rest, The Same Right To A Break, The Same Right To Education, The Same Right to Family.
    Then Why Not The Same Right To Live.
    Any Person Who Has Grown Out Of Their Youth Is Still As Precious As A Newborn Baby and Needs The Same Amount Of Care A Little Kid Would Get. This Means You Should Love Them, You Should Care For Them, You Should Help Them, You Should SUPPORT Them.
    Age Is Just A Number, A Figure.

    But Us Living People Should Help Each other No Matter What Age And No Matter What Culture!

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