• If we don't pay for this kind of education we will lose out on billions of dollars.

    For even just a few colleges it would take a good 47 billion or so dollars to do this. Everyone else here keeps talking about how they feel and not why this is. They put taxes on all grades through and out and the only make you pay here because they a private and that they need the money like kinder garden through middle.

  • Our tuition fees go to your learning!

    This house believes that we should pay university tuition fees. University is optional so you don’t have to go. It is a fun activity and is quite different from school. You do not have a teacher at the front teaching you, but you have a lecturer who talks about a certain subject you have chosen to study. Once the lecturer has finished, in your free time, you can study (if you want). The University of Southampton have done a study of were there money comes from here is there research: Around 45% of the University's income is sourced through student tuition fees, which estimates at £247.5m. This is followed by income from residences, catering and other sources, which makes up 22% of our income.

  • Freeloader don't want to pay

    Honestly I'm tired of you shmucks taking my taxes to pay for little Jamal or Tyrone to get a degree in basket weaving and still fail his classes. College isn't mandatory so don't make us pay for this bs. Let the people who actually want to go for real pay for it.

  • Yes, people should pay.

    If you have been working in the real world you understand you get what you pay for. Look at the quality of our education from K-12 which is free. Nothing of value is truly free, but I understand the knee jerk reaction to hearing free college. Consider the costs. I would agree that the current cost is very high, which is why most of us had to go to community college first before transferring to a University.

  • Yes they should

    They need to weed out the people who actually want to be there from the ones that dont want to be there but their parents are forcing them to be there. It would make people want to stay in college when they are surrounded by people that are happy to be there.

  • People should pay for college

    Education to high school level is essential to function in our society which is why it is free. College is not absolutely necessary so it should not be free. Students overall will take much less pride in their education if it is free. Also, I refuse to let my tax dollars pay for college classes that students will skip or fail. Plus, government has this way of taking functioning private sector areas and screwing it up due to politics.

  • Education must be free for everyone

    Education should not be a form of power, education should be free for everyone; they need to increase the différences of society, and not use people's CLASS to decide their future. As a french person I am shocked by the amount of fees that the students in your country need to pay for education.

  • College should be free

    Many say that "everyone should have the option to go to college for free". I would love to go to college for free, I know I could never afford to go but I know its an investment for my later future. If college is free, Who will pay for teachers? Who will pay for materials? Textbooks? Most importantly the school building itself. Unless all those people who say it should be free, would you like to pay another tax for higher level education? Because that's the only way.The U.S is already in debt and having to pay for everyone's higher level education would throw our economy down the drain. College is a privilege and not just another four year term of education.

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  • Its rubbish boi

    I hate it the worst thing ever i don't know why i wasted my money on this university plus i learned nothing about how to be a pilot. Why do you even have to pay 9000 pounds a year. Its rubbish a waste of time i don't know why i signed up but on the plus side i got to be a pilot

  • Why should we pay for UNI?

    Why should I pay Uni when all my life my education has been free? All uni does is it gets people into debt and I don't understand that. I want go to Uni but I am put off it because of the debt!! 78 per cent of students struggle with finances. 78%. According to Independent new study of 3,167 students in the UK has revealed that 78 per cent are struggling to get by, with some are turning to sex work to make ends meet.

    According to data from the National Student Money Survey, conducted by money advice site Save the Student, more than one in 10 students are “using their bodies” to make money when they are unexpectedly caught short of funds.

  • Why do we have to pay for college

    It cost to much and what if we drop out we have to pay again and by the time we save up again were not going back to college and then we have to have a cray job for the rest of our life so why isn't college free.


  • Should students have to pay for college ?

    I choose No because education should be free cause not every-one have money and then can't afford the towishin for the college .There might be fewer Americans who need to seek different forms of public assistance. A better educated population could result in smarter decision making at every level of society .But not all people want to pay or go to college because they think that they can make a living out of what ever they want to do .

  • Why Should We Pay!?!

    Their are tons of kids who don't go to college each year because they cannot pay for it!?! One of those kids could be really really smart and invent something life changing!!! I'm just trying to say in that crowd of kids their might be the next smarts person in the world studying for their next test.

  • I hate College

    I don’t believe college should be as expensive as if it is. We have to pay for tuition that include a bunch of bullshit we don’t use. Then we have to pay for book that when we sell back to the book store we don’t get even half of what we paid for it. Then we be in debt for the rest our lives trying to pay back all the loans. And a degree don’t guarantee a job or a good paying one at that to pay back all these loans. I feel that college should only charge one time for 4 years and if you don’t graduate you should be charged again to continue college. I feel that books should be cheaper why do i have to pay 500 dollars for a book that i only use for four months then sell it back to the book store and only get 50 dollars back. College is a rip off and leaves everyone broke in the future.

  • I chose yes!

    People should pay for a tuition for college because not everyone cares for college and would like to learn and have a good job some day....But at the same time there will be a lot of people wanting to come to learn so they can have a good education for life.

  • People should NOT have to pay for an education!

    One of the most important times in your life is when you get your education at a good college. If you don't have the money to pay for college, then you will miss out on a great opportunity for the best education you will ever get. And you can't get a job that pays enough for you to afford it if you don't get an education for a good job. It's a loop! You need a good education without going into debt.

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  • I have read multiple comments and opinions on this topic and I've came to the conclusion that payment for college is...

    ...Unnecessary. I understand that college is not a requirement but for those who want to pursue in higher education cannot because of financial issues. There are people fighting saying "taxes! Taxes!" We have always had taxes, would it hurt to add a few more dollars if it means your son or daughter could be the next doctor, lawyer, or even president?

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