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  • No, they should not. have to pay.

    I do not think people should have to pay for Internet TV. If broadcast stations make their programming available over the Internet, then they should not charge anything for us to watch it. The TV stations still have their sponsors so it's not like it costs them more to air their shows online.

  • Access is enough.

    There are several services and even stations that broadcast the same thing from television but through the internet. Some services have a delay in content release, and even have commercials. If television is afraid they might lose viewers and thus advertisments to internet TV, they better get on board or out of the way. The internet is where you go to get things to the youth. Very little is not available on the internet. Someone is going to show the content, it might as well be the station, on their terms, and for their profit.

  • No, they shouldn't pay to watch television on the internet

    If someone purchases cable and internet from a provider, they should also be able to access all the material shown on those channels on the internet as well. This should be part of the package deal offered by the cable companies and the specific channels and shows you want to watch.

  • No not exactly.

    People should pay money for certain televsion and not for others. There are free cable shows that we should be able to watch without being charged. Not to mention we already pay for a TV bill so I think the set up where you log into your provider is great.

  • Advertising Should Cover The Costs

    I personally believe that the cable packages people purchase to watch television are over priced and do not take into account the large sums of money obtained through advertising. I do not believe people should have to pay money for watching television over the Internet because I feel the advertising money should more than cover the cost.

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