• There ain't no such thing as a free lunch?

    Paying for sex is actually the most direct and cheapest means of acquiring sex in humans. While looked down upon the cost of sex within a relationship of any sort is almost always greater than the monetary cost of prostitution. While there are other things to consider from an economic standpoint it is the path of least resistance.

  • Why not? Prostitutes and Johns are people too with emotion. Who are we to judge their life choices!!

    If two consenting adults agreed to have a short term sexual relationship in exchange for money, there's nothing wrong with it. If a man or a woman want to hire someone for sex and companionship even if it's just short term, who are we to judge them? I think legalizing/decriminalizing prostitution is the way forward because it will provide both male and female sex worker a safer place to work plus the government can tax sex workers and use the money to support education/training and small business so there will be more jobs for people.

  • I support legalizing it but believe people should not do it

    Prohibiting prostitution encourages a violent black market and deters abused prostitutes from reporting abusive pimps or clients to the police. Legalizing prostitution and requiring STD testing and the use of protection would also help protect prostitutes from STDs.

    However, I do not believe people should pay to have sex. Why? Because what's the point? In general if you try at it you can get it for free. You don't need to pay for it. And then the person you're sleeping with makes a living out of having sex, think about that.

    Maybe there are some exceptions. In Denmark the government pays prostitutes to visit nursing homes and service the elderly. At the end of one's life, widowed, alone, and with no prospects for dating I can understand wanting this sort of arrangement.

  • No I am totally against this

    This goes against women empowerment and also ultimately against men empowerment . It is a barrier in the development of positive relationship between men and women . Yes , it is one of the oldest profession , but so is slavery , professional killers etc .

    The relationship as it stands today is without mutual respect and is worst than concubine system of the yester years . A society which does not allow two wives , why should the same society allow paid sex. So you hurt your wife by loving some - one else , but not by having paid sex .

  • I personally would not

    If you're going to have sex with someone, I feel like you should have some sort of emotional attraction to that person. Now that I think about it, if you have sex with a prostitute, the girl is being objectified. You don't have any emotional attachment to her, she's using her body as a means to your ends.

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