Should people play mine blocks or minecraft

Asked by: true_no
  • It is more accessible

    Some people don't have unity web available on their devices on computers. Mine blocks is an Internet game that is 2d, probably the only bad thing about it. It can be accessed from all devices that can get on the internet and has almost all the things the 3d minecraft has.

  • I think that people should play Minecraft

    The reason I said that because guess what there is a new update on Minecraft ps3! Now you can get horses, nametags, and fire works! Even though I never played mine blocks I think it looks kinda weird. But on mine craft their is Christmas mode and mars! I hope you guys said Minecraft!

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ImmortalVoddoler says2015-05-25T02:08:54.227
It was never specified which is yes and which is no. Two people chose the opposite answer and both said yes for it.