Should people pray at school even though it makes some others uncomfortable?

  • Of course they should

    Why would someone praying make someone else feel uncomfortable? It does not hurt them. The person who feels uncomfortable is the one who has a problem and needs to get over it!

    Denying the right to pray is denying freedom of speech as well, and that is a criminal offense.

  • Respect for others' religions

    It should be expected for someone who is religious to pray when they feel it is necessary. It is their religion and if they are praying, then they probably have something going on that they believe that they cannot solve on their own, that they need their god or higher figure to help them with.

  • In The United States (and many other countries), You have the right.

    Why would you deny anybody the right to practice their religion. That is unconstitutional. School doesn't give you all of your rights, But religion is something that they should never take away from you. There is no reason you should feel uncomfortable with somebody praying, And if you do, You may leave or just understand that this is something THEY do to feel comfortable. -From Dat Atheiest

  • As an atheist, I support separation of church and state

    In that sense, I agree that people should be able to pray wherever they want. The problem isn't people praying at school. The problem is when people enforce prayer, or advocate it as an authority in the school.

    If a student sits there and prays, or a teacher prays before eating lunch, as a private practice, not imposed on anyone else, what is the real problem?

  • How would it make others uncomfortable if...

    Those who wish to pray are in a separate room? I doubt people would start a formal prayer in the middle of a classroom in-use. The way I see how it would go down is that the parents of a child sign a letter that states that the child is allowed to pray at the appointed time. This is given to the office, the office gives you a special, custom pass that can only be used for the appointed time. They show it to the teacher, the teacher verifies, makes sure the child is given the material needed, and the child is told to get notes from others if needed. Because religion and school has been divorced, more and more students are losing their religion and their identity, because school, in effect, makes it seem that prayer is an obstruction.

  • People should pray

    Praying is a very important act in almost all religions. People pray to the one who they worship, and other people shouldn't feel bad about doing so. It is very normal for people to pray, and it is wierd for people to feel bad about it. Lol lol lol lol

  • I definitely think so!

    I am a Christian, and many of the other students at my school share my religious beliefs. In reality, though, there are also plenty of atheists and muslims too. Any religions has the right to pray at school. I certainly wouldn't feel good if i was suddenly prohibited for talking to my God.

  • Freedom of expression and freedom of religion

    Those two freedoms are core in what we commonly consider "free" societies. I don't pray myself, but I still believe that people have the right to pray even when it makes others uncomfortable. Honestly i don't care if other people feel uncomfortable. I have as much freedom to not pray as others have to pray. I go to a Catholic school and it really annoys people when i refuse to pray or say the pledge. But they recognize that I have my rights and they have theirs. People should just learn not to get into other people's business so much

  • Why In The World?

    I dont think people should pray at school because if someone its uncomfortable or multiple people are then i don t think it is right and when would we fit this into our shedual and there are multiple religions and i belive if people do this more bullying about religion could happen in school

  • Pray on your own time

    School is a place for learning, not praying . Don't force others to do it. It makes some people completely uncomfortable, which is understandable. Imagine praying to Allah instead of jeasus? Worshiping the Japanese gods? I support learning other religions but not enforcing them onto people especially kids. Leave it at home.

  • Ignorance for other Religions

    I don't like how only Christianity is represented in the American government. In the pledge of allegiance, "under God" was added. "In God We Trust" is on our money. It's ignorance towards Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, and countless others. Not to mention the cases in which atheists are discriminated against because of their beliefs.

  • Obvious hypocrisy and morals

    Well how about people actually listen to what others have to say and not themselves. It's not a case of they need to get over it, that just makes the person feel worse. How would you like it, if every day, some one smacked your bum or did something sexual like that and it made you feel uncomfortable? Would "get over it" suffice then? If it makes them feel uncomfortable then don't. If it doesn't then go right ahead. A good saying: Religion is like a p**is, its nice to have one, but please don't whip it out in public or try and force it down my children's throats.

  • Circumstances for this to happen...

    In order to make someone uncomfortable by praying you obviously aren't doing it as is allowed in public schools- non-disruptively in your free time. If you are praying in such a manner as to make other students uncomfortable you obviously are doing so in a disruptive manner, and thus should not be doing such in school.

  • What? No! What the heck!

    Everyone knows that school and religion are supposed to not be together. Plus, if it were, literally any religion would be allowed. Christians, jews, wiccans, catholics will be able to take advantage of this and basically screw up the entire schedule. If they want to pray, there can be a designated praying room a student can use up to 3 times a day (any more and it will just be used to skip class).

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