• People should should follow wealth.

    We are human beings of 21st century. We have made movies like pursue of happiness. Moreover, wealth is synonymous of god. Equality can be achieved only through wealth. Otherwise, a class system will create in our society. As a preventive measure, all people should be wealthy. This will decrease criminal activities too.

  • What does Wealth give you/us?

    Can wealth buy happiness? Furthermore does it help progress the human race? I'd say it's important to consider a deeper meaning of why we as a society are programmed to pursue wealth. Money is needed to survive, yet how much is truly needed for individual fulfillment. Hopefully we can all find a deeper purpose in life!

  • Wealth Is a Lofty Goal

    Wealth is a lofty goal and a goal fewer, and fewer people around the world are obtaining these days. Wealth is not a decent goal, on it's own. While wealth may seem important, we must realize that all of the products and material possessions we have, can not be taken with us when we die.

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