• Joe Budden is worthy of meme-age

    The rapper Joe Budden has been turned into a meme after he was shown running from a paparazzi. "Running Joe Budden" was trending on Twitter, with manipulated images of the rapper. The creation of memes is part of a healthy internet culture where people gather around shared humor. "Running Joe Budden" is just another instance of this.

  • Free Speech Includes Memes

    Free speech allows the creation of memes. Everyone is capable of becoming a meme and celebrities often find themselves at the top of that risk. No matter how much you try to prevent it, becoming a meme as a celebrity will eventually happen. There are two options, get mad because there is nothing that you can do to stop it because once its out there, its out there. The second is to laugh it off and not let it bother you.

  • Yes, it is funny.

    Memes are meant to be funny and to make a point sometimes. If people find the meme funny there is no reason why they should not make a meme out of it. As long as the meme is interesting to people it will continue to exist and to be copied and changed.

  • No, people should not have turned Joe Budden into such a meme.

    Joe Budden should not have been turned into such a meme. Budden's privacy should have been respected when he is at home. It was wrong for the Drake fans to pull up on Budden, and film him chasing them. Furthermore, this video should not have been used to create the memes. In short, Joe Budden deserves more privacy at his home, and should not have his something from his private life turned into a meme.

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