• Please stop C02!!

    C02 is more commonly known as carbon monoxide and if we recycle, we will cut pollution
    and save the air and the animals and the trees. I am currently doing a report on recycling
    at Maple River Middle School. I like to help the world clean. So do something and recycle.

  • We should recycle to help the Earth.

    It is very important to recycle. Not only does it clear land of trash, but it also saves energy. Just because you don't want to walk perhaps 4-5 feet away to recycle doesn't mean you shouldn't. Think about how much it takes to fuel garbage trucks, and all of the fumes they release. Recycling is definitely the way to go.

  • Reduce, recycle, reuse: The three Rs

    If you do the three "R," it would save a lot of energy and it would save trees, which would allow more oxygen. It would help reduce Global Warning and Reduce the air pollution that we have in our air and if we keep reusing recycling and reduce then it would help.

  • Yes, people should recycle.

    Yes, I believe that people should recycle. Since the day that mankind first discovered that certain things were recyclable, Earth has been a better place. Though not everybody recycles, enough people do that it makes a difference in the world, by not only being less of a burden on our planet resource-wise, but also by making our environment a better, cleaner place.

  • The three R's!

    Yes, we should all be doing our best to recycle items. Now, actual recycling facilities where they break down papers, plastics and aluminum to be used in other applications might not actually be cost effective these days, but it certainly cuts down on the amount of waste we just pile in a dump. Our resources are limited, no matter how much we think they are not. However, the best things we can do are in the other two thirds of my argument. Reduce and reuse. I'm sure that you've heard the buzz about "upcycling," and that is one of the best things I've seen blow up a little in our culture. It's all about taking items you find useless and crafting something better and more useful. When my electronics break, I always gut them for parts. I can use them for future projects or repair my other equipment. The hardest and most effective measure is to reduce the amount we consume in the first place. If everyone just cut back on packaging and other unnecessary use of resources, we would be that much better off without having to worry about any of that waste. So should we be recycling? Yes, but that's not all we should be doing.

  • Yes, within reason.

    I am not convinced that recycling makes a huge impact on the environment, but it certainly does no harm. If I am a better steward of the earth God made by going to the minimal extra effort required to throw my paper into a separate dump, it seems easily worth it. I am not obsessed with recycling and would not condemn anyone who does not recycle, but it is worth doing.

  • YES, people should recycle

    I believe people should recycle, regardless if they believe in Global Warming or not. It takes literally two seconds to throw something into a recycle bin, and at the same time, you are helping the environment. People who don't recycle are just being lazy or thick headed, in my opinion. What do you have to lose?

  • What do we have to lose?

    There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by recycling. I think that we should. When people start doing it in even larger amounts then we should be able to cut costs of products considerably. We have limited resources on this planet, so we should be making the most of them.

  • Note to people saying no.

    A lot of people staring NO to recycling are only saying no because of the cost of recycling. The cost shouldn’t really be a factor because recycling will save so much more money in the long run. When we run out of oil to make plastic, We will have to either go without our precious resources or we recycle or we fork out more money to make a “plastic substitute” than recycling costs in the first place. People don’t realise that recycling is very efficient and very sustainable if it is done correctly and the reason why only 2/7 plastics are able to be recycled is because bins aren’t sorted correctly. Plastic isn’t the only thing however, Paper is far better to be recycled than cutting yet more trees which is actually one of the main reasons for global warming and climate change, Deforestation is contributing the most to climate change than fossil fuels because we don’t have the carbon sinks to convert carbon into oxygen anymore. More than 70% of all paper we use is made from recycled paper, Meaning, That we are cutting trees for no reason at all. . . .

    Therefore, I say recycling is highly important, And to my greatest apologies, Anyone who aregues otherwise are selfish and obnoxious.
    Thanks for listening to my TEDTalk.

  • We should recycle

    We should recycle because if we take materials from the earth and we get rid of them eventually we won't have any more of it another reason why we should recycle is materials fall into the ocean and sea creatures eat them and they die so we should always recycle.

  • Recycling is the major cause of global warming.

    Recycling any materials causes a lot of harmful chemicals to be used. All of those chemicals are released as harmful gases into the air. This is one major cause of global warming. DO not recycle. Not EVERYTHING can be recycled even if it is a plastic or paper. No No

  • No no no

    No is very bad recycling is expensive no no no no non no no no no no no non non nonon o non onon nonon no nn n nnoono no no no no no no non nonononononononnnnnn onono nono no no no no no non no no non on no

  • It could make people sick!

    A building in Germany was made out of a metal that was giving the people living there. Also the factories recycling materials are polluting the world by creating fumes. Every thing else put in the recycling bin is sorted collected and chucked out into a land fill. So don't recycle

  • Recycling is bad.

    You don't actually know how recycled thing end up. It ends up in a giant, ugly, dirty mound with its family. Really, look on the internet if you really want to know. It is so disgusting. It also costs heaps of money to recycle paper and only two out of seven plastics are recyclable

  • I think that people should recycle

    Because animals across the world are getting sick and die. Animals are
    dying because of trash and there are not that much animals because
    people are littering. We do not want animals to die we want animals
    to live A long life. I want animals to live and not die.

  • Money is high

    Cost to much to buy the recycleing bens and need to tell the goverment to stop making people to recycle because it is bad and people could die from the muterils in the stuff we recycle.Also we are now cutting down trees to ger recycleing mutreles and we should no have to pay

  • People shouldnt recycle

    We throw them on the ground and people should not get money because we will destroy the enviroment we shouldnt recycle.
    I think we should put them in the trash can and the other people whould put them in the recycle then we should trow them out of the trash can

  • REcyle is bad

    We should not recycle bceacuse use bags that will have poison and whe n u tuch it or recyle it u get the deses and thats not safe for humans or people that use it in markets giving people it and putting their stuff in and teir food can get the posion to

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  • Recycling is bad!

    Recycling is really bad. Some people rinse out plastic containers, thus wasting valuable resources. Recycling also costs much more than not recycling. Recycling does actually make pollution, with its special trucks and recycling plants. Recycling glass is just a bad idea. New glass is made with sand, which is plentiful. Again recycling stinks!

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