Should people rely on abortion as their method of birth control?

  • It already is relied on as a for if birth control.

    Not all sexually active people can use hormone based contraceptives. To expect people to just abstaine from having sex to avoid pregnancy is unreasonable. To say give your child up for adoption is stupid, not all people can. Choosing abortion to terminate a pregnancy is usually made from a responsible veiw point. Ie, financially unstable, wrong relationship, health reasons. The list goes on. At the end of the day to have the choice is what's most important. If a woman chose to use abortion as a form of contraception then really, it's up to her.

  • Even though in my opinion it is morally wrong abortion should be legalized in every country. If abortion is banned as a birth control method women will still do it. But instead of doing it at a professional's office they are going to do it with a coat han

    If abortion is banned as a birth control method women will still do it. instead of doing it at a professional's office they are going to do it with a coat hanger at their homes. This will put their lives at risk and then we'd have 2 dead people.

  • Abortion should be a right of any woman to use as a form of birth control.

    Many will disagree that abortion should even be legal, but the right to do with one's body should be up to a woman. While her moral compass may not be that of her neighbors or friends, and most would agree there are far less evasive forms available, it is not up to others to decide whether or not a woman can deem abortion as a reliable method of birth control.

    Posted by: IesIComic
  • Contraceptives are available, so use them

    Although contraceptives aren't 100% effective, it's better than using nothing at all and then wondering how you could have possibly become pregnant. Abstinence is also an option as well, so don't say there aren't any options. You can also give the child up for adoption, just don't deny the unborn child the right to live.

  • Abortion is not birth control!

    If you are going to be irresponsible enough to have sex without protection, do NOT turn to abortion! It is NOT the child's fault you were too irresponsible! Use a condom or actual birth control. Getting an abortion just because is absolutely wrong in every way possible. Woman up and take care of you responsibility is all I have to say!

  • No way its right

    If you got pregnant and planned it then you should not choose an abortion. If you didnt wa t to get pregnant then yous should of used protection. Its ashame women who get pregnant and some planned resort to abortion. Stop having sex if you dont want to get pregnant

  • Abortions are detrimental to both "mother" and child!

    One is dead physically and the other emotionally. The scars of an abortion can last a lifetime and lead to depression and other negative side effects. Abortion should not be used as a contraceptive. The world will reap its grim reward for devaluing life. Abortion is a selfish, not selfless act!

  • Its fucking stupid and should have never been made!

    I don't know what the fuck your doing but i think everyone that does it should be prosecuted for murder, your basically happy that you don't have to deal with a kid but do you realize you just killed an innocent defenseless little baby. What is wrong with you people in my opinion it is one of the most evil things you can do.

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  • I don't believe abortions should be a form of birth control

    I boyfriend and I planed to have a baby together and we both didn't think I would get pregnant so fast. Since I've been trying for 6 years now he is saying he isn't ready to be a father. I'm sorry he should've thought about that before we decided to have unprotected sex. He wants me to get an abortion and I refuse to we made a choice. And I refuse to take a life baby or adult. So on that not I will be a single parent. We all have choices in life either good or bad. I chose life the life of my unborn child. I just wanted to see if I was wrong for feeling this way so I Googled it

  • No, no, no

    If u want to have use it as birth control then WHY NOT USE A CONDEM?? People need to under stand that you are murdering a child that isn't even born, it shouldn't be your choice, it should be the babies choice, so please choice pro-life. It is the right choice.

  • Use birth control like a control, also take the pill as well if your not ready for a baby.

    I have two kids they weren't planned my relationship is stable I'm 35 now I was 30. A small part of me wanted them, to me finances wasn't a good reason to abort the baby.I never even thought of it my mother wanted me to get one when I was pregnant with my daughter.For me it's wrong this is a living being with a heart when the women decides I want to terminate this pregnancy. I think it depends on the circumstance rape drunken one night stand, minor. I love my kids and knew that some how I would manage.I have enough to buy diapers and food for my kids.I couldn't live with myself if I had terminated the pregnancy. I know I'd regret it we made them out of love, we're not having more their daddy is fixed. We can't afford anymore kiddies and now I don't have to worry. I can't get pregnant I don't know if mentally I could handle another.People start using birth control and condoms if you're not ready to bring a baby into this work.Also if you don't want anymore kids and don't want to love that baby then use commons and the pill together there's there's almost no chance of getting pregnant. I find people say 'this wasn't planned let's just abort and it will be like it never happened.' If you think that then that's messed up, this is a being.I look it as murder also for the wrong reasons doesn't make it right.For finances really get another job to support your family you have control of that.Just remember sex if your not careful leads to babies and with the wrong partner stds.

  • Abortion should never be used as birth control

    I do believe it is the woman's choice. But, some women use it incorrectly by misuse. I believe it is only appropriate when the baby has a defect, the woman is in poor health, was raped or incest. It can be appropriate when only the woman is poor and or it is for the best. It should never be used by those who have sex daily without contraceptives. Such as stupid spoiled rich brats.

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