Should people sacrifice their health for beauty?

Asked by: tempoche
  • You Look Like a Filthy Cunt

    Would you rather look like a fucking hobbit or have bad health and look like Kate Upton on steroids. Because personally i would rather look like a drug induced Nigga then a wart filled midget. Also who cares if you have bad health, You're just going to end up dying anyway.

  • Beauty increases Success

    Studies have shown that attractive people are usually hired sooner, Get promotions more quickly, And are paid more than their less-attractive coworkers: "Attractive people earn an average of 3 or 4 percent more than people with below-average looks, According to Daniel Hamermesh, Professor of economics at the University of Texas. "

    Just as we sacrifice time in order to become successful, We should not be discouraged from sacrificing health in order to become more successful.

  • Yes we should

    I've had both my breasts and my ears removed for beauty. My son sometimes gets scared by the sight of me but i know he finds me beautiful! My husband had his finger removed and replaced with a golden finger and we all love it so much! So yes, Yes we should

  • Embarace yourself firstly

    We could look at this from different perspectives, I think, The social media and stereotypes are being involve of this pressure to "be perfect".
    Maybe it's just me but, What it's the point to remove, Change or do anything you blend in the society, Their perspective of what beauty is.
    Your cheaps, Your punds, Your freackles ir whatever taht you want to change is dumb, 'cause those things are part of what you are.
    So here's the real question, Firstly if we don't feel own love and we feel proud of ourselves, Nobody is going to care about us
    For example, I remember when i was un high school all girls usted to pluck one's their eyebrows and i didn't like it. . . One day a girl tried yo pluck one's my eyebrows and i was really mad. . . Nos, Whole girls do microblanding 'cause their eyebrows sucks as Kong as mines looks natural and gorgeous.
    So my point is, Embarace yourself. Love your own, Shine with your beauty and avoid bad coments and bad Vibes.

  • Health Vs. Beauty

    Health is more important than beauty, After all, Being healthy can lead to beauty. As a famous saying goes, "The greatest wealth is health. " Also, I would like to bring up a point that many people that have posted have missed, If you are healthy then technically beautiful on the inside.

  • Nope, No Chance.

    Health is always better that beauty. Making your boobs larger or making your face look like a barbie doll is not the answer, In fact, It's disgusting whenever people do that. Besides, It's extremely expensive to go through surgery to change their physical look. Health, Is essential for living a good life, And just living at all. No one should ever sacrifice anything for health, That is just a sign of mental insanity. I mean, Who in their right mind would want to live an unhealthy live and die sooner all because they wanted to "look good".

  • Health matters more!

    Any sane person would ditch beauty to be healthy. Would you rather be sick all the time, Or be a normal, Healthy person? I chose two! What is wrong with you guys who chose yes?

    I'm pretty sure you don't want Alzheimer's just to keep your beauty tbh. If you do, You need mental help RIGHT NOW.

  • I say no because you could risk your health for beauty, And then you look worse.

    You are wonderful just the way you are. Do you think I did surgery or anything like that to hear a lot of "Wow, You're so pretty" or "You're getting prettier every time I see you? " Also no, That is not my family telling me that. It is women and men and long distance family who hadn't seen me in 5 YEARS telling me that. I believe you shouldn't be fake pretty. You're all beautiful just the way you are. You are unique just like this.

  • What you're suggesting is totally ludicrous.

    This could be looked at either way, Sort of. You could say that your stupid statistics are true but the chances are, They are naturally 'good looking' people. The argument here is whether you should sacrifice possible years of your life to look good and get a better job. The answer, Not opinion, Is no. Think of it this way, The years you knocked off getting a breast job could have been used signing a deal worth millions. I know this is unlikely but you're more likely to make more money if you live longer than if you look good.

    Time is money, Remember that. It may take time to become rich, But that's OK, Successful people are usually more patient and don't rush things, They take things methodically. What damaging your health for looks is doing is unintentionally making things happen quicker, Therefore less thorough. You may not realise this until you're lying on your death bed aged 60 due to plastic in your body going wrong, But you'll be thinking how you could have done so much more if it weren't for your completely mad priorities.

  • Health is More Important

    Living longer is more sufficient than looking good. How are you going to get a job if all you care about is looks? Lots of jobs require fitness and health, And unless you're going into beauty school, They won't ask you if you look pretty as a requirement. You can't be successful if there is nothing but looks in your mind.

  • Lifestyle changes for cosmetic reasons are unnecessary and unhealthy.

    In order to look 'beautiful' some people just apply makeup. Others try a different diet because some site told them the diet is good for them. More drastic attempts to look 'beautiful' include wasting all of your money on 'beauty pills' or plastic surgery. None of these really do anything significant to promote success. 'Secret diets' are probably fake and are usually less healthy compared to a balanced diet. 'Miracle pills' are a waste of money. Plastic surgery is permanent (and it contains the word 'surgery' and therefore taxing on both the wallet, The body, And on others' opinion of yourself. Generally no-one appreciates the fake looks. If you want to be promoted or selected for a job, Just study hard. Looks never win over brains in the end.

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