• Showing off of money is good

    Yes, showing off of money is good . If we have it so why should'nt we show off and let everyone know that we have money . If we have money then we become a centre of attraction and everyone wants to be our friend . As one child gets better marks in a exam then he/she show off his/her marks to his/her friends and the friend gets jealous and would do hardwork and try to get more marks than his friend and would gain more marks than his friend.

  • You should flex if you can

    I am 14 and my parents drive a Lamborghini hurricane and a Bentley and all I have is Gucci lv ext and I flex a lot because it’s something that you’ve earned it’s something that should be appreciated and that is kind of the whole point of them brands is to show you can afford it otherwise they wouldnt have masive logos on it

  • Showing off is not at all good

    Show off reveals the nature of a particular person people who shows off a lot are not at all accepted by my side . Generally people think that in today's world it is right to show off but if u have everything than u r not needed to show it to the world .If we compare a life of a simple and real person and a show off you will notice that the person who is simple will have a faster growth tin the future as compared to a show off .People show off to seek attention or to get attention from others .

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