• Its their money

    The money someone owns should be used in their will to buy whatever they want, As long as it dosent bother me. Most people that spend this see it as a hobby and everyone got their own hobby. People normally don't question artworks getting sold for millions but do with sneakers. Everyone sees something else as art. Sneakers are a art for some even if they are a clothing piece.

  • I didnt know taht this was possigbe

    I didnt know it was possible 2 buy shoes cheaper than 5000 dollars the 1000+ preposterous Nikes made out of ostrich
    And the cross stitching is a cross mixing
    Of a rhinoceros, possum skin, giraffe and a dolphin
    Fin. So yeah thats not stolen from eminem and I am truly shocked its possible to get sneakers under 1500 dollars

  • I can do what i want!

    Why you people buy shoes for less then $1,500 i didn't know that was possible.All the shoes in my closet all 100 of them are more than $2,000 and that was the cheapest i could get.People can do what ever they want its called the right of free speech and sense i live in North Korea i have that right so,I can do what i want!I'm a master debater you cant even reach my level of debaterness!

  • I think People

    Who do that should pay 1,500 dollars for sneakers. They are gold and the are nike shoes and the look good and i dont even know why peolple who even pay that much money for shoes i think it is dumb. That is what i think about the crazy shoes.

  • Yes they should

    People should be entitled to spend their money as they like. If they want to spend $1500 on a pair of sneakers then there is no reason why they shouldn't. It's up to them how they wish to speak the money they earn. Unless it causes a lot of problems then it is fine

  • It's called Veblen Goods.

    The $1500 sneakers are examples of Veblen Goods, which are effectively status symbols. These sneakers are not the hallmark of the people. Indeed, I say to you they are a symbol of the elite. Or those pretentious nouveau-riche guys whose antics we see sometimes. At the very least, somebody at Nike (the opinion image shows a pair of gold-plated Nike shoes at the time of writing, in the event of it changing) thought it would make a tidy profit, and if there's an article about them, somebody bought at least one, proving the Nike exec right.

  • No, that would be stupid

    A pair of sneakers cost a maximum of $10 to be produced in Indonesia or Bangladesh, which are the main manufacturing destinations for most sneaker brands. There is no quality of product which would explain such a high price. Someone paying this amount of money would not be paying for any kind of quality near that price.

  • Spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes is wasteful.

    A functional pair of shoes can be bought for less than $50 dollars. Even the best sneakers are not worth $1,500. It is wasteful to spend that much money on a luxury item, especially when that money could make a huge difference in someone's life if donated to a charity. At the very least, that money could go to buy something that was actually worth hundreds of dollars. Not a pair of sneakers.

  • They can, But they shouldn't.

    First, What is the difference between a $50 shoe and a $1500 shoe. Is it made of exotic materials? One can spend their money on whatever they want, But it isn't a really smart life choice. With that $1500, You can pay bills or save it up. Shoes, In my opinion, Should not be over $100 in price.

  • Spending $1,500 is extremely wasteful.

    Spending that much money just on a pair of sneakers just sounds idiotic. I don't see why anyone would even think about spending that much just on shoes. It just doesn't even make sense. Why wouldn't you spend that money on something more meaningful? Overall you would have to be pretty mindless to spend that much on a pair of shoes.

  • Why would I do that?

    I don't think people should spend that much money on a pair of shoes. $1,500 is over the top for a pair of shoes. I can see paying $180 or maybe even $200 for shoes but not for a price in the thousands. All you're paying for is the brand not the actual quality of the shoes. It's a waste of money.

  • No, spending $1,500 on a pair of sneakers is ridiculous.

    No, I don't believe people should be spending $1,500 on a pair of sneakers. Shoes are practical coverings for your feet, and yet sports companies and athletes have started selling sneakers for extreme prices. It's the brand people are buying. Being overly expensive doesn't make the shoes somehow better. I don't think people should be spending a lot of money on sneakers, it's wasteful.

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