Should people start drilling in the arctic/antarctic for oil

Asked by: Mursal
  • No real reason not to.

    Is wind/solar/nuclear energy good? You bet. But at this time, we can't fully support our nation on only 100% clean fuel. We shouldn't have to sacrifice economy for ecology. We can have both in due time.

    There are ways to access fossil fuels without doing serious harm to the environment surrounding the drill site. These methods are demonstrated in central and south America. God has given us an incredible resource in electricity. I say we make use of the recources given to us.

  • Why not? Makes life better for everyone!

    No reason not to really. . . Its 2018. . . Our cars are cleaner now than ever! We can definitely do it and with very little harm to the environment if done correctly! One word, Four words, Sixteen words still needed. . . Ah now its nine, I mean eight! No wait it's not important now

  • Money has always been an issue for many people, so why make it bigger?

    In a country like the UK, essentials are always very expensive, and we can cut down on Costs by oil drilling in the Arctic. Petrol in a nessecity the season days, and as we have less of it, it is very expensive. For people like old-age pensioners who need to use the car every day to get around, the cost of petrol can be degrading. When we drill oil in the Antarctic the cost will be cheaper and easier for more people to access

  • Getting rid of one of our only sources of clean water is bad.

    This is the 2010's we're talking about. More and more people are installing solar panels, and companies are investing huge sums of money into developing renewable energy sources. Why should anyone consider taking a step back and reverting to the environmentally harmful, outdated methods? There is no reason for us to be going into the Antarctic for oil.

  • We have the resources to not need oil, it wrecks havoc on the environment, take the power from the big oil companies!

    It's pointless, for one thing. We have the resources that, even without fossil fuels, we could actually get by with other sources. Instead though, we use up our fossil fuels. No need, it would just be greed. The planets health matters more than oil companies. It makes sense even for them to try and devote their resources to solar, wind, and other renewable sources, since these sources with their support could easily be permanently making them as much energy as the more shaky supply of fossil fuels.

  • No people shouldn't start drilling on the arctic for oil

    Drilling in the arctic will make an even bigger problem for organisms as there are other ways around using oil to run our engines, heat our homes etc but the even bigger problem is that burning gossip fuels contribute to global warming. Crude oil is not a renewable source so what are we to go if it finishes. By drilling for more oil can lead to the destruction of the environment, polar bears will become extinct, they wont be able to adapt as quickly. If there are oil spills, what happens to the wildlife, what happens to the fisherman, what happens to us

  • Extintion for everyone

    If we start it cold melt the ice caps as well as pollute the ocean so if we start it could kill everything and everyone. So no one should start drilling. Not only that we could run out of fresh water. Not only that but you could start getting rid of plants or animals we need to stay alive.

  • Ruin the environment

    If we started drilling then the environment would be ruined and it would start to melt and wither away and possibly become a wasted land of useless crap and no one would like to go there any more unless they work there for drilling for the resources down under the land plus we have resources every where else.

  • There are other sources of energy

    We should be proactive and search for others sources of energy before the oil runs out. By using up all the oil we are just making it harder for our children and grandchildren because they are the people who will be made to clean our mess up but if we find a new resource like oil we can prolong the live of our planet and save the ice caps

  • It will cause ice to melt faster and flood the earth

    What!!! Digging oil at the Arctic is a bad thing more than a good thing, because, it's true, the more you dig, the more fuel the vehicles burn and release to the Arctic air, it will heat up the Arctic and ice will melt and flood the earth, you flood the whole earth just to collect oil???? Seriously, you said that god gives us the resources to use, so which means that there are lots of ways to get OIL, like in these few years, scientist start to make bio-gas, which is better than underground oil, also there's the algae-fuel, which is made by algae, better than underground oil, so digging the Arctic for oil is not necessary at all

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