• There is nothing wrong with people looking at pictures from the Olympics

    Images from the Olympics provide, for some, a reminder of the achievements of their home country and favorite athletes on the world's biggest stage. In that sense, it is perfectly reasonable for someone to view pictures from the event even after all athletes have returned home from Brazil. Pictures and video satisfy the sense of nostalgia that patriots and fans have for generations to come.

  • There is nothing wrong with it.

    If pictures from an Olympic event inspire someone to start exercising, or following a routine then they should absolutely keep on looking at it for however long they want. Pictures can be inspiring and despite the doping scandals the Olympics are a great example of what the human body, with all its limitations, can achieve.

  • Why wouldn't they?

    There is nothing wrong with people still looking at pictures of Olympic events if that is what they are interested in. If other people don't want to see them after they are posted, they can just scroll past them. The olympics doesn't happen that often, and people should be able to cherish the images as long as they choose.

  • Viewing Olympic pictures is natural

    People should still look at pictures of Olympic events. The Olympics were not that long ago, and pictures help people relive the moments. Some were glorious, and some might be humorous. But, it is a way to share these with friends and loved ones. It also helps create national pride.

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