Should people stop fighting for their own gain (e.G: Feminism etc.) and work towards universal equality?

Asked by: GuitaristPaul
  • Yes in the west

    In the western "civilized world" people in general are to some degree equal. Indirectly there is still discrimination (ie: foreign children having a harder time on SAT and ACT test due to cultural differences) however a white man can not tell a black man to do something he does not wish to. If we simply allow groups like feminism (which for the most part is more of a detriment in the west) or MRA's ( Who cause nearly as many problems as feminists) than we will segregate peoples in the same way the US is so split by political parties. However in the middle east there is a bit larger issue. People don't don't want to believe in equality and seek to oppress (typically for religious reasons). Individual groups only work when someone is actually oppressed. The west has inequality, but that go's for almost everyone, not just one specific minority. I do acknowledge groups such as african-americans do have more problems than others. However i think one organization fighting for the equality of every group would be better utilized. For the gay issue specifically, making marriage legal would be an easy solution. Social ideas cant be forced, because everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs...This is something that must change gradually over time.

  • Feminism IS striving for equality

    What a lot of people don't seem to understand is feminism itself. Feminism is not looking for a better future for women- who do have many disadvantages in society today, but for everyone. Feminists believe that everybody is equal and should be treated equally, no matter your differences. So yes, I believe that everybody should strive for equality, and feminism is doing that. I do not at all believe that the feminist movement however should be stopped, because feminism is a necessity for getting people the equality that they deserve.

  • With- out individual liberty's,equality worldwide is impossible!

    Should we give up on individual gain?....No! With out people striving for a difference for themselves and their community how can we even begin to spread equality world wide.Using your example above of femminsim, imagine trying to accept somebody that's a woman.With that mind set the goal of equality will never be met unless personal trials are faced.
    "We can not all succeed if half of us are held back."

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Episteme says2015-03-28T19:27:27.697
To a certain extent I agree with mrandid832. However, I don't think he really answered no to the question. This is in the comments because I don't believe I can provide a straightforward yes or no answer. People should not stop fighting for respect. If you are part of any group, feminism, religious or otherwise, LGBT, of an ethnic minority, of a certain body type etc, we should strive to respect each other no matter who they are. We shouldn't be working towards 'equality'. The point of these groups isn't really that they want equality - it's that they want the same respect as supposed 'normal' or 'established' groups. In some ways, they do want equal respect. The point is that no group should ever be put down for being 'different' or not ascribing to the 'norm'.