Should people stop genetically modifying our food?

  • Yes, People should stop.

    People should stop genetically modifying out food because 1) It adds chemicals into the food that go into our body. Those chemicals are unsafe, Dangerous, And can lead to shorter life-span or an unhappy one filled with obesity and even being more prone to catching diseases. 2) There are many more food items that is genetically modified and CHEAPER than one's that are organic. Due to this, Most people are forced to buy genetically modified food. Money does NOT grow off of trees. 3) If you check the human population, It's shown that there are many over/underweight people, People with illnesses, And people who are constantly dying every single day - not just adults, Kids too. There are certain people that are ignorant to this and some too stubborn that don't understand. Unless we stop, People themselves are not going to be able to stop.

  • Of course, We should

    Why must we change the plants that have been given to us by Earth? We use chemicals and genetic modification that can be bad for not only our health but also the health of future generations, Not to mention that the process of genetically modifying food makes the food itself more expensive to the consumer.

  • Yeah we should, So we can start looking at the real issues

    One of the people that voted no mentioned that there are too many people to keep up with supply for food. And he/she is very right. Our population has been left unchecked and so the human race has multiplied like rats and taken over the world, And now we are burning through resources like candy, Along with taking up all of the room and wiping out other species and habitats. Back in the day when children died from disease and were needed to help work the land, It made sense to have many kids. But there is no longer any reason for anyone to be having 5 kids. If we can put ourselves in check and stop growing at such an alarming rate and decline the population a little over time, Then we can stop genetically modifying our food.

  • Difficult topic to fully delve into!

    Wow so as a student of nutrition I was very supportive of genetically modified foods at first but grew to learn that’s theres more to it then making small tomatoes into big tomatoes!

    If food can be altered ‘safely’ to create larger crops and yield more to feed more people than it’s an exceptional practice that should of course be sought and used. Now I say ‘safely’ because that’s subjective as the terms organic and natural are under very vague definitions by the US’s overseers. The consumer doesn’t really know what’s safe as corners are being cut by companies to maximize profits. A full disclosure about what goes into the genetic modification of foods isn’t required, Tests aren’t done and people stand to suffer currently I know side effects. These cut corners open a world of Potential problems for the consumer.

    As to the first comment, There’s more area to grow food than you’d believe as well as more ways that take up very little space. This argument is flawed to me and although it’s regionally specific, With technology you can grow a variety of foods in a plethora of ways now that you couldn’t 30 years ago. Sure if i had to starve or eat gmo then of course but that’s not plausible at this juncture.

    My primary concern is the lack of long term studies to determine the effect on human biology and what specific genetic modification can have. It’s not all bad but it’s not all good either.

  • They shouldn't do this anymore!


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  • We definitely should

    GMO food is just abnormal and should stop. If people around the world can' help themselves then let them not be able to. It's up to their sorry nations and governments. What we really need is more farmers, Not GMO food. More farmers would simply help our food supply in our own countries.

  • Yes we should stop

    It is because some people are allergic to GMO's which are Genetically Modified Organisms. Doesn't that sound weird? People also constantly complain about GMO's as well. Also half of the NO's are irrelevant and / or inappropriate, Via inappropriate and / or irrelevant words or phrases.
    I never have any GMO's BTW.

  • It is completely harmless.

    Genetically modified food has existed for millenia, From the second that the first human decided to only plant seeds from the fruits that were the biggest. GMOs are not injected with chemicals, They are selectively bred to produce the best and biggest food. If you have a problem with that, I don't get why.

  • It would be disastrous.

    Peer reviewed scientific research has shown time and time again that GMOs cuase no significant health risks. Also even if we discount the fact that they have been proven to be safe, They keep our society going. The only reason that we are able to continually feed an exponentially increasing population is because of advances in genetic modification which allow farmers to produce crops that are larger in size and quantity within the same amount of farm land. If we outlawed GMOs then a large number of people would literally be starving on the streets.

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  • No negative to this.

    There is no proven negative to eating GMOS. There are no scientific studies that show Gmos are harmful. The only harm that has ever been found is because people didn't wash the pesticides of of GMOed corn. Clearly, There is no negative to eating GMOS. Filler filler filler filler filler

  • No we shouldn't

    We have been eating Genetically modified organisms for years and we are fine. Nobody has died from GMOs at all. It has no health issues so why should we stop? We shouldn't. It hasn't happened at all. This is why I think we should not stop adding Genetically Modified Organisms.

  • Banana is going extinct

    The Cavendish banana is going extinct, And this is the second strain tried after the first one already went extinct. If we don't modify the banana using CRISPR technology, We would lose all bananas forever. For more information, This writer is able to say it better than I can: https://www. Wired. Co. Uk/article/cavendish-banana-extinction-gene-editing? Fbclid=IwAR3H35ilcctDcyexTD2RGwJpvSVHGJ1xbTBr2SSyDPCdcMCUEtlwPViaHxU

  • Immense benefits to the world.

    So, What is a GMO by the way? A GMO is simply a genetically modified food, Which is different from long time ago. An example is the banana. Which had an immense change( better than long time ago).

    I have points that support my idea.

    1. Solves global problems.
    This means that Gmo's can solve problems like world hunger, And help the environment. GMO's can provide the same amount as a normal one even though the land is more small. Also, Because we need less land, We don't need to build a lot of farms. Mind that farms harm the environment, And we can stop this.

    2. Will be a benefit for the economy.
    Because we can provide more rice than usual, The price will be more low. What do I mean by this is that economically, If you have a product and there is a 100 of it, But the demand is only 80, Then it will be more cheap. This is mostly good for the poor because they can buy cheap things, But a bennefit to us.
    3. Statous quo
    In the statous quo, We have modified food, And not SINGLE OF THEM HAD ALLERGY TOO SOMEONE. Even though we can say that some of them have chemicals, That is not the real problem of GMO's.
    Corns, Wheat, Flour and BANANAS are working very fine, So we have no real reason to ban alll GMO's.

    End of my explantion, And I'll thank the person who challenges my idea. I look for new ideas on the other side~~~^. ^

  • Genetically modification is safe

    I am a farmer who grows gmo crops and raises livestock that eat gmo feed. My animals are perfectly safe and i have been eating these crops since i was like 2 so they do not affect our health in any way. Most gmo crops were made to withstand weather and not murder people

  • There is no evidence it is harmful

    I always go with the science evidence indicates zero examples of harmful aspects. This whole drama is politically motivated by Luddite fears of big business and technology, Ideology should not dictate policy logic and facts should, Science and evidence must always direct ideological views not the other way around.

  • People are increasing in this world

    There is no space now to grow all the peoples' food in earth- unless we use genetically modifying. I'd choose eating GMO when the situations are starving or eating GMO. There's no choice, We have to eat GMO to survive! GMO gives more food than natural choice and no more.

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