• What we know is what we create

    Imagine a world with no more abused children. No more schools filled with kids picking on eachother and bullying eachother into depression and suicide. Imagine no more kids being messed up by all the jaded crap their parents shove down their throats.

    If humans would simply stop having kids when they; A. Can't afford it, B. Aren't prepared mentally/physically for it, And C. Havent crafted a plan set fourth for their children's future.

    Having children may be considered a "blessing" to some.
    Well I'm sorry but if you still follow belief in dogmatic religious ideals, Then you are not qualified or mentally healthy enough to have children.
    It's one thing to believe in God and love, It's another thing to actually think just because you are alive, It gives you the right to have kids- who may potentially become psychos who harm the world due to your bad parenting and poor planning skills.

  • Child birth causes death

    People don't consent to being born with the guarantee of pain. Not to mention the fact that your gambling with that entire life if you have kids as you won't have any idea what their life will be like. They can get terminally ill, Raped etc. They will also objectively die, Death is a guarantee (Unless you figured out immortality). If you humanity wants to surpass our instincts we must prevent the suffering of theoretically endless lives (If humans/future species find a way to survive the heat death of the universe and if they can't then many will go through the horrors of everything they love being destroyed)
    And no, Pain doesn't give life meaning and if it did then why do we arrest murders and rapists?

  • Just because you can, Doesn't mean you should.

    A lot of people in the "West" aren't emotionally or financially prepared to have children, And yet they continue to breed with reckless abandon. If you don't live on a farm, There's really no reason to have more than one or two kids, At most. Even then, Why would you want to bring more humans into a dying world? It's just selfish. If you truly love kids like you say you do, You'd think of the KID before having it. Not just yourself. Not just "I want one, So I will". That's a small mind. I grew up alongside technology as it has evolved and I can predict clear as day where the human race is going to end up, And I'm not going to contribute to that problem. My time can be better spent not raising kids and improving the planet for the people who are already here and suffering every day. I have to make up for the people who can't stop selfishly having multiple kids. People who have kids are unhappy, Their kids are unhappy, And they still think having them is a good idea. Maybe you are the exception, There are some out there - but MOST people in America (I only speak on behalf of the country I'm in) are not mentally and financially well enough to have kids. They perpetuate endless generations and cycles of trauma and debt. Your kid didn't sign up for this, They didn't consent to being born. They never agreed to the rat race and yet you made that decision for them and think it's a gift? Your kids WILL be smarter than you by proxy of the digital age, And consequently they are (statistically speaking) extremely likely to be unhappy for much if not all of their lives. So maybe think before summoning life, I don't know. Kind of seems like a big deal to me.

  • It limits your potentials

    When you have children, Your life is basically over except the parts that involve taking care of him or her. So many people have destroyed their life by having children, Think of what they could have done, One of the millions of people who gave up their lives could have cured cancer, But no they had children, Squashing whatever potential they had. What is stupid is that our society promotes such nonsense, We need to stop! Friends of a woman who wants to become pregnant should have a talk with them discussing the long term effects of birthing a child and hopefully influence that person before they make the stupid irrational decision of having a child. Billions of people have the potential to do great things, They need to use it, Not have children.

  • Thanos sais stop pumping out meat bags

    We are now fairly conscious as a species, We can now decide to not have kids and ruin your precious planet. Think of the carbon footprint of just one meat bag alone. We fine people for dropping litter but somehow think it's ok to pop out 8 kids from one person.

  • Most people reproducing are idiots

    I think its disgusting to reward and praise those who make uneducated decisions on having kids. They know they cannot afford it and don't want to truly raise it. But us as the now ass backwards society we are. Praise them as brave, It's there right, And give handouts like they won the price is right. (Which is probably the biggest reason why it continues). Meanwhile intelligent people who weighted out the pros and cons of children, Get punished by supporting a kid that you had no business having.

  • Yes people need to have less children

    Our physical resources on the earth are limited, As the dominant species of this world, There are simply too many of us and we are also placing a strain on the natural ecosystem, How many species have become extinct or are on the verge of it due to too many humans? There is a natural balance in nature, But we are the apex predators of the world, Only commonsense can be relied on to manage our vast numbers. The social issues of overpopulation are glaringly obvious, Poverty, Starvation, Lack of access to water, Increase in violence. And in the midst of that you have people trying to use things like religion to maintain control. But our vanity as a species knows no bounds, So many people want children simply to pass their name on, Or so they can brag and feel like they have accomplished something great. Why not do something that benefits the entire society, Invent something, Pioneer new medical techniques. Why should anyone be praised if they simply forgot to use a condom or pop their pill? And the government handing out freebies to these idiots is just encouraging these people to abuse the system. And the even more selfish ones who know through prenatal testing that their child would be horribly deformed, Never able to be truly independant, Would potentially be in constant pain, Unable to live a normal lifespan, There are so many selfish parents who want to be a hero so badly, They want that gold medal, So instead of doing the humane thing and abort, They keep it full term. I mean seriously, All these 5 kid families, And out of all the masses, How many of these are actually going the be the next Hawkings, Newton, Darwin, Martin Luther king, Ghandi or whatever. Very few people actually go on to make a tangible contribution to humanity. Going vegan is not the answer to saving the environment, And as far as climate change, We simply need less humans on the planet.

  • Yes we should stop having children, It is the best way for the future of the planet.

    For centuries we humans have abused the planet we were given to live on which supports our life and keeps us alive, We have taken it for granted and brought it to the brink of death. We do not deserve to live on the beautiful planet, We should stop having children and let the human race die off.

  • Yes we should stop immediately

    Only controlled, Genetically well endowed people should continue the population lines that too in limited numbers invitro. The influence of religion on population should end. Governments should support people who opt for not having children by giving special tax benefits and special previlages. The government should stop giving money for free as it promotes laziness and free time for unnecessarily procreation.

  • Stop living beyond your meens.

    Honestly there should be a law where you have to make a certain amount to legally have a child. Its very selfish to have kids just to giv YOUR life meaning and very selfish to put this shitty world on them. I hate people and I personally wish I was never born. Enjoy making you Easy f***ing money and living in luxury your lowlifes.

  • People should try to limit the number of children they have

    Limit the number of kids to 1 or 2 ideally, But it is selfish and unconstitutional to tell others not to have children. Yes, The world is overpopulated, But having children is still a personal choice and we can only hope that people will be sensible enough to limit the number of children they have. We should encourage people to be more mindful about these choices and educate them about overpopulation and limited resources of the Earth, But ultimately, It is up to the individual and no one should be able to force anyone else to not have children. It is like saying that everyone should stop driving cars just because cars leave a large carbon footprint - it's true enough, But it's an individual choice.

  • Are you all really this dumb?

    Having children is what humans and all creatures are suppose to do. Children are some of the greatest blessings anyone can have and being able to raise a child is experience every human should be able to have regardless of social status. Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling and amazing experiences of life, Although it is often frustrated and expensive, It is definitely worth it. We were created to "be fruitful and multiple". This planet was created for us to enjoy and how the heck are we supposed to enjoy it if were all extinct. I for one will be having as many children as I can afford to raise in an effort to have my offspring out populate stupid people like everyone who voted yes.

  • Wait wont we all die out

    I know that there are being advances in science and at sometime people could live much longer but that is not now. So if we all just stopped having children then wouldn't in about a hundred year we would all die out from age. There wouldn't be any new scientist to replace the old and come up with new ideas so we would not progress in science in time.
    I'm not saying that we should not care about over population. We should at best put a limit on the amount of kids your aloud to have maybe 1-2.
    Also any a temp on controlling our population would be very hard to do since there are more than 200 countries in the world. Meaning that the effort would have to go international not just national or state wide.

  • The enemies would love that this country not have more children

    That would be great for the terrorist that we stop having chikdren. They would probably increase production if we did stop. The children are the future it is where we become unselfish and it brings out the best in us. Look at how much control is placed on society by children being present. TV would be one promo after another with no children around. Ultimately all the caring is because of the children. We would become of little value to anyone if it were not for children who are truly pure and innocent

    Posted by: rvs
  • As a matter of personal choice, no.

    People should have all the children they want to have, provided that they can support these children. You can argue that increasing human population is having negative impact on the world, but not having children isn't the solution to this problem. If people want children, they should be able to have them.

  • The wrong people would keep having children.

    Although I think with the billions of people we have on this planet, a reduction in population is needed. But the problem there is that the population is not evenly distributed. Only first world nations would go along with a population reduction scheme. The third worlders would continue to breed, and not contribute to the betterment of society.

  • No, people should continue to have children.

    The global population growth rate is slowing and the trend is reversing. Children are not a problem for the planet, or for us in general. There is no compelling reason why people, broadly speaking, should stop having children. The question itself is so vague and bizarre that it defies a coherent answer.

  • stop having children

    I personally disagree,I believe that There is no set age that women should stop having children. After the age of 35, women are at a higher risk for complications with pregnancy. Doctors will discourage pregnancy after 40 however there are many women who deliver healthy babies well into their forties.

  • No They Shouldn't

    While I believe it is normal to question bringing more children into the world I don't think it's a definitive reason for people to stop having children. I believe children are one of the main purposes of life and being a parent I can't imagine life without my child. I certainly wouldn't want to be this far in life without the responsibility of passing the world on to the next generation. Life without children would be unbearable to me.

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